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PDF Ü BOOK Plague Maker FREE Ì TIM DOWNS Ú ❮Reading❯ ➸ Plague Maker ➰ Author Tim Downs – Gwairsoft.co.uk July Fourth New York CityHundreds of thousands line the banks of the East and Hudson Rivers awaiting the nation's largest fireworks display Soon the sky will explode in cascading showers of sDonovan must decide When he is forced to enlist the help of ex wife Macy Monroe and expert in the psychology of terrorism the fireworks really begin but she may be the only one who can help him stop the Plague maker in timePlague Maker is a novel that can proudly be shelved beside any book featuring Crichton or Clancy and hold its own wwwinfuzemagc The last ten pages were the best and kept me from giving it only a 2 star rating

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July Fourth New York CityHundreds of thousands line the banks of the East and Hudson Rivers awaiting the nation's largest fireworks display Soon the sky will explode in cascading showers of silver and gold Everywhere faces will turn skyward in wide eyed wonderThen the sky will grow dark again but it will not be empty The air will be filled with clo Tim Downs’ novel Plague Maker says it's ‘A Thriller’ but I’d probably liken it to a suspense story that turns thriller where appropriate Readers expecting Downs’ original protagonist forensic entomologist Dr Nick Polchak aka ‘The Bug Man’ to lead the heroics won’t find him doing so He has a guest role here New York FBI counterterrorism agent Nathan Donovan carries that mantle However he’s not alone A rather odd duck in the guise of an eighty year old Chinese man with a British accent must read to discover why named Li has some crucial information to Donovan’s case That case? We’ll disclose that shortly but now the third party to the three headed heroic team is Donovan’s former wife Dr Macy Monroe Columbia University Professor of Political Science and International Relations She can assist in the investigation due to her understanding of geo politics and Donovan’s superiors allowing her into it Donovan’s not happy Li thinks it’s greatNow for that plot A wickedly brilliant bioweapons scientist named Sato Matsushita readies to unleash a bioterrorism outbreak over the NYC in a revenge motive that ties him to this mysterious Li How Sato plans to do this I won’t give away; that’s reuired reading Donovan wants to believe the old man Macy does too and perhaps she does so sooner than he does What makes the story interesting are the personal histories of the Nathan Macy Li and Sato These narratives drive the story so much so that without the thriller component it could stand as an historical or literary novel As it is and as I stated at the outset this is a suspense tale than a thriller With the FBI in the mix I anticipated thrills and chills on par with Jack Bauer and his 24 series It didn’t ratchet up until the last third which was appropriate and it did so than adeuately but I wanted that throughout the book paired with the interesting character histories previously mentioned Now to that last point Downs flipped the script in a move that frankly reminded me of what screenwriter director Shane Black did in his handling of Iron Man 3 with the Mandarin Wow Didn’t see that one Tim Nice job The scenes played out bitter and sweet Readers will know it when they get to it A horrific but exciting premise that I wished had thrills I give it 3 12 stars for the people involved

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Plague MakerUds of smoke and specks of debris will rain down everywhere Some will pick bits of paper from their children's hair Some will brush away still burning sparks or embers And some will absentmindedly scratch at the tiny biting specks that dot their necks and armsWill the beginning of the show mark the beginning of the end?That's what FBI agent Nathan All told an interesting book that made me ponder 'what if?' It felt as if there should have been a preuel to this book to better introduce the principal protagonists because by the end I knew a lot about Mr Li and Sato but not so much about Nathan and Macy Apparently the book is classified as Christian fiction but I didn't pick up strongly on it until about 34 of the way through The story was very well developed though it didn't continue in the path I was expecting based on the initial few chapters Without revealing any spoilers the book could have continued along the alternate path and still been an excellent readPlaguemaker does make me desire to read Downs' other books as my favorite part was before the characters met Mr Li when they were involved in the investigation of the initial outbreak From another review I learned that the insect expert involved in that investigation is the main character in his other books