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Sur les Ailes du monde Audubon mobi ↠ Hardcover read Ñ fabien grolleau ½ ➽ [Download] ✤ Sur les Ailes du monde Audubon By Fabien Grolleau ➲ – Na początku XIX wieku John James Audubon wyruszył na niezwykłą ornitologiczną wyprawę Mając tylko przyrz kwotą jaką zapłacono za drukowaną książkęPowieść graficzna Fabiena Grolleau i Jérémiego Royera oparta na zapiskach samego Audubona pokazuje drogę owładniętego pasją człowieka który stał się jednym z największych badaczy natury w historii Jego dzieło przetrwało ale on zapłacił wysoką cenę za jego powstani I love birds I really enjoying bird watching and discovered who John James Audubon is because of my love of birds I have read a few books about Audubon and love reading about his obsession with birds It was a true obsession I discovered through Audubonorg the website for birding not for the man that there was a graphic novel out there all about James Audubon's life Honestly this comic book fell short of being great The story could be confusing at times For example there was a time when Audubon was sick with a fever and he had these strangely illustrated hallucinations Then there was a strange section about slavery where Audubon runs into a man who took his family and ran Then that part of the story was over I noticed a small footnote in the back explaining that this was a nod to the fact that Audubon had slaves at some point Confusing Darwin is thrown in as well as Native Americans Just seemed random The art is great I enjoyed the pages that had birds I liked that the book emphasized that Audubon killed thousands of birds This is how he drew them so well I really loved that the end of the book includes about 5 of Audubon's art so that those who are unfamiliar with what they look like can see This book would probably be great for a middle school kid who would have fun reading a graphic novel and learn about Audubon Perfect for a school library I did enjoy the book though the information on Audubon was lacking

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Ailes du Kindle #209 Na początku XIX wieku John James Audubon wyruszył na niezwykłą ornitologiczną wyprawę Mając tylko przyrządy malarskie asystenta pistolet i wielkie marzenie postanowił poznać i namalować wszystkie ptaki Ameryki Owocem tej szalonej eskapady Sur les Epubbył album który został uznany za jedno z arcydz Lovely biographyYou can pretty much tell what to expect from this book just from the cover a lovingly drawn colorful comic book biography of John James Audubon And it doesn't disappoint It's not concerned with Audubon's younger days so much as his life from the time he began painting birds onward The writers admit that parts of this book are possibly untrue Audubon's writings were used as primary sources in creating this but he'd been known to stretch the truth a time or two And at least one character in the book is actually a composite of several real life people There's a page of notes in the back where all this is explained That said this is a lovely book and a good introduction to Audubon's life Most people are probably familiar with his name and slightly fewer with his paintings but actual details of his life are uncommon at least in my experience Although he is rightfully thought of as one of the inspirations for the modern conservation movement his actual ideas of conservation were different from how we now use the term today Most conservationists would probably be shocked for instance at his casual attitude towards hunting particularly for sport His famous paintings were made at the expense of the birds depicted all were freshly killed and wired into position to keep them still during the painting process He was after all very much a product of his times It was simply a different era with regard to attitudes towards killing animals We may think we know better now but who knows how our present society will be judged in two hundred yearsIn any case this is a wonderful book well worth your time Recommended

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Sur les Ailes du monde AudubonIeł historii naturalnej oraz sztuki Znalazło się w nim akwareli przedstawiających ptaki Północnej Ameryki Zachowało się w dobrym stanie jedynie kilka egzemplarzy tej olbrzymiej les Ailes du PDF #10003 księgi – wymiary na cm – a jeden z nich osiągnął na aukcji w roku cenę miliona dolarów co do dziś jest najwyższ When I think of John James Audubon I immediately default to pretty pictures of birds never thinking about how obsessive and troubled a person would have to be to pursue a life’s passion to the degree he did and how hard he would be to live with I thought I was in for a fascinating study of a complex person Unfortunately this creative reimagining has too many fantastical elements throughout including an extended fever dream I HATE dream seuences And the narrative skips decades trying to hit high points from Audubon's life leaving lots of holes I'd prefer to see filledAlso the author has to apologize not once but twice for his subject's racism and admits to wholly excluding the fact that Audubon owned slaves becausethat would be too much extra work HmmFrankly my favorite part of the book was the inclusion of several original illustrations by Audubon Those pages look amazing The rest just wasn't what I was looking for when I picked this up