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Reverb Author J. CafesOgical thriller paced with romantic suspense Told in a new clipped style Reverb reads fast Immediate Intense like a sting of texts for today's reader Spun from The Magus also about a man who learns to love someone other than himself Reverb is like nothing you've read guarantee ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest ReviewIt is funny; I had to look this title’s name up in the dictionary to find out what it means I found out that it relates to music I started this book really not know much about it except from the blurb I noticed some people wrote that it was suspense thriller I did not see this story that way at all All books for the most part are suspense for me since I am waiting to see what happens nextAt the beginning of this book I was confused The prologue starts with the character as a small boy It then jumps to James a grown man I actually felt that the prologue was not needed; ultimately it left me scratching my head If the story would have started out where chapter one started and that was the prologue it would have made sense to me It was after I got through that when I finally was intrigued by the storyThis is not a hearts and flowers love story nor is it erotica This is a dark tale of crimes committed against James James is a gorgeous man obsessed with his music always feeling he was the outsider in his family and that his father really wanted nothing to do with him The two were estranged for many years He is famous and rich but all he really focuses on in his life is his music and his obsession limits him in his relationships I felt very sad for him He is wrongly accused of crime and although this crime is not a big one things go horribly wrong and his life spirals from there We usually see this type of thing happen to women in our stories rarely a man I must warn you that there are scenes that involve rape; these scenes are intense and can be hard to handleThe family dynamic is very strange and left me uestioning who was wrong and right when it came to how the story evolved to climactic proportions My heart broke into a million pieces with each nightmare James had James escapes and runs far away He is alone with nothing but his nightmares and always looking over his shoulder That is when he meets a young women and her infant son Liz and Cameron become his salvation healers and the loves of his lifeLiz suffers from her own loss A husband killed by act of terror she also escapes to help gain insight to her life Once she befriends James I began to feel the healing for both of them Liz is an everyday women I love the way the author describes her as curvaceous I love how she sees than what is on the surface and seems to dig deep when needed She is a courageous smart and beautiful personI really like the way the author brought the relationship with Liz and James together very slowly I felt their feelings as they felt them It was not the all consuming type of love and lust but one built of trust and understanding I really loved their understanding of each other Watching James in this story he grew to be a different man than he was and it was beautiful to seeI know I normally do not go into much about stories because I do not want to give you just another synopsis but I did leave out so much for other readers to feel and learn but what I wrote was necessary and no spoilers are givenI do have a few issues that I was not happy with in the book As I said earlier the prologue was confusing There were characters early on that were not as developed as I would have liked and they seemed glossed over uickly I do not even think I have ever said this but I felt as if this should have been a two book seriesI believe the author of this story was also trying to send a message to the reader of this story I am not sure I agree with the message I took away from the story or if I can even forgive after leaning the message I perceived I did take away the message than one thing can define who we are The story has an HEA but it is different than what you will expectI would really love to discuss this book with others that read it or have read it Please comment below if you are interested

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Ed by many committed to no one but his muse on the eve of his brother's funeral his father inadvertently turns his life into a living nightmare and James is left abandoned in hell with no one real to save him Until Elisabeth and her son Cameron Reverb is a love story a psychol Book – ReverbAuthor – J CafesinPublication Date – January 19 2013Type – Stand AloneGenre – Romance ThrillerRating – 3 12 out of 5 StarsReviewTo be honest there were a few times I had to put the book down and take a break from it  Parts of it had my mind wandering on other things and I had a hard time grasping the “present tense” writing  Other than that I liked James’ character – I loved how self absorbed he was and was rooting for him the whole timeI found myself getting pissed off at Elisabeth’s character and how she didn’t seem to have true sympathy for James’ tortured past at the institution  At this point in the story I was ready to give up  I was frustrated that a grown man had everyone trying to take care of him and thought they knew what was best for him  I just had a hard time connecting with that and wanted James to just turn his back on everythingThe author told me that this book would be like nothing I have ever read before and that statement in a nutshell is 100% true  It is dark and most of the time captivating – the biggest problem being that while reading I experienced a sense of dread and negative energyRe CapJames is a genius with music but that’s about where it ends for him  He can’t connect with people and relationships are the furthest thing from his mind  James’ father confronts him at his older ½ brother’s funeral about taking over the property and business but James wants nothing to do with it or his fatherThe next part of the book we experience James hurt and on the run from something and learn that for years he has been institutionalized During this time James has suffered unbelievable accounts of rape and torture until he is finally able to escapeAll alone James tries to deal with the fact that music is missing in his mind and he needs to escape his father from finding him  Hence the trip to Corfu and the meeting of Elisabethbut here I’m going to end since I don’t want to give too much of the book awayWrap UpIt may be just me and my dislike for stories told in the present tense that I couldn’t connect fully with this book if you are a fan of that style along with romance suspense and dark thingsthis is definitely a book to pick up  The author isn’t lying about this being “nothing you’ve read before”

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Reverb Author J. Cafesin Book Ö 326 pages Download ☆ J. cafesin Þ ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Reverb Author J. Cafesin – New ReleaseTHIRD EDITION of Romantic Suspense REVERB50 pages and a lot story addedWhy?James' full story is worth tellinghttpswwwReverb J CafesAlso available New ReleaseTHIRD EDITION of Romantic Suspense REVERB50 pages and a lot story addedWhy?James' full story is worth tellinghttpswwwReverb J CafesAlso available in print James Whren is brilliant beautiful rich and taken with himself or precisely his genius for creating music Desir 45Wow I'm at awe  This was thinking outside the box my prude box  A definite unforgettable tale and splendid storytelling  I was captivated from the very start and when I got to that don't what to spoil it for you particular adult content I yelp Oh no  My mind immediately thought that this was going in the direction that I didn't want it to gojust not my genre  But I kept reading and glad I did  It so happens that the incident was not to tantalize but clearly the opposite  It was crucial to showcase it in order to get into the source of James' mentalityJames' story was remarkable because his odyssey to finding meaning in life was cause to reflect  Life definitely throws us wretched circumstances and those times can put us in a solipsism kind of thinking   In James' case fear reverberated like his music in his heart and motivated his steps  Although my fear is different from James' I can certainly relate to the intensity and self centered thought process  I want to throw the towel I want to hide somewhere I want to punch somethingI want an eraser  Then we are rescued by love ones a spiritual being or what have you and then and only then comes the understanding that as horrible as that was we're stronger for the lesson it taught  That in turn puts you in the path to a happier and fulfilling you  That was part of the message I got from this read Another was the saving graces that family plays in our psyche  A love story in the end Edgy and dark getting there so it did leave me with a bit of a negative energyThis novel delivered main characters that poured out their souls supporting characters that really added richness to the story backdrops that followed the suspense well meaningful lines and a life affirming message  Well crafted Ms Cafesin  I only recommend this book to mature readers because of its strong adult contentMy uoteablesYou'd figure out that love wasn't going to consume you but complete you 1710Yeah  Atheism is efficient that way  But I envy your faith  You're never alone or without purpose 2474The thing is living is all about feeling  Feeling pleasure pain Angry sad hurt scared compassion passion love letting yourself feel these things because in them lies the spectacular richness of being alive pauses are my own 2640My body reverberates with the pounding of my heart fear suddenly gripping my throat and suffocating 2667Who you love may be chance but how you love clearly isn't 4384This is all we will ever really possess James  Use it wisely 5354Number after uote is location according to my e reader 5673 being the very endEbook copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewJinky is Reading