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eBook ï The Shipping News Ü Paperback Read Ð ❰Download❯ ➽ The Shipping News Author Annie Proulx – Gwairsoft.co.uk When uoyle's two timing wife meets her just deserts he retreats with his two daughters to his ancestral home on the starkly beautiful Newfoundland coast where a rich cast of local charactIgorous darkly comic and at times magical portrait of the contemporary North American family The Shipping News shows why Annie Proulx is recognized as one of the most gifted and original writers in America today The Shipping News is a wonderful read We are introduced to uoyle and follow him from his life and failed marriage in Mockingburg New York through to his move and settling into Newfoundland with his two daughters Bunny and Sunshine There is a nearly Dostoyevski level of tragedy underpinning the story sexual assault perversion violence which litters the road uoyle travels down There are a few innovative aspects to the text itself the names and the grammar Annie Proulx comes up with some of the most original names I have ever seen Tert Card Bunny Partridge and this helps make the text memorable and fun The staccato sentence structure where she often drops the subject is a clever way of dropping us into a pseudo interior dialog inside uoyle's head These two features give a uniue dynamic to Proulx's writingAt the beginning of the story uoyle reminded me of Ignatius J Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces both physically and in terms of his lack of career but fortunately for uoyle he uickly latches onto a friend Partridge and a career in journalism despite a rocky start uoyle didn't recognize news had no aptitude for detail He was afraid of all but twelve or fifteen verbs Had a fatal flair for the false passive p 8 Like Ignatius or even Augie March The Adventures of Augie March to a degree uoyle is desperately trying to move beyond his limitations In a profession that tutored its practitioners in the baseness of human nature that revealed the corroded nature of civilization uoyle constructed a personal illusion of orderly progress In atmospheres of disintegration and smoking jealousy he imagined rational compromise p 10 Fortunately for him he is able to surmount the early catastrophe with Petal and reconnect with his somewhat damaged but still maleable kids and becomes a charming father figure Yes I am skipping some detail here in an effort to avoid spoilersIn his migration to the cold windy north he brings his aunt herself full of incredible surprises who imparts wisdom in little chunks As you get older you find out the place where you started out pulls at you stronger and strongerProbably some atavistic drive to finish up where you started p 30 She is going back with great courage to a place where she personally suffered but where she will build herself up again despite her own setbacksI wanted to mention that another characteristic of this book that makes it exceptional is the care the author takes to give a credible and poignant backstory to nearly all of the characters None are mere cardboard cutouts of people Even the crazy cousin has a moment of lucidity at the end I found this to really bring me and bind me to the storyThere is a lot of comedy in the novel on arriving in Killick Claw Newfoundland the scene in the Tickle Motel Bar Restaurant was particularly hilarious off of Route 999 about as far from anywhere as you can imagine uoyle was the first to take a shower Discoloured water spouted from a broken tile seeped under the door and into the carpet The sprinkler system dribbled as long as the cold faucet was open His clothes slipped off the toilet and lay in the flood for the door hooks were torn away A Bible on a chain near the toilet loose pages ready to fall It was not until the next evening that he discovered that he had gone about all day with a page from Leviticus stuck to his back p 55uoyle goes to work for the local paper the Gammy Bird and his male colleagues are all adorably bizarre Nutbeem Tert and Billy plus his boss Jack all described with care and humor The book gets its title from uoyle's column The Shipping News where he is to gather information on comings and goings from the port and which overtime he truly excels at while he gets used to the natural beauty and unnatural human debris of the area Cleaning up around his houseWhen he came upon a torn plastic bag he filled it with debris Tin cans baby food jars a supermarket meat tray torn paper cajoling the jobless readerplastic line the unfurled carboard tube from a roll of toilet paper Pink tampon inserts Behind him a profound sigh the sigh of someone beyond hope or exasperation uoyle turned A hundred feet away a glistening back The Minke whale rose glided under the milky surface He stared at the water Again it appeared sighed slipped under Roiling fog arms flew fifty feet above the sea p 110 Her descriptions of nature are occasionally breathtaking like this oneIn an important passage uoyle's colleague Billy gives him a metaphor for the schema for a man's lifeAr that? Let's see Used to say there were four women in every man's heart The Maid in the Meadow the Demon Lover the Stouthearted Woman the Tall and uiet Woman p 182 While I have a hard time relating that to my own experience it definitely correlates directly to uoyle The Tall and uiet Woman is clearly the wonderful Wavey and the story of she and uoyle is another wonderful highlight to this charming book Each chapter begins with a uote most often from a book of knots the rope and knots being metaphors that are used throughout the novel I really liked the last sentence of the story as well which uses this wonderful metaphor Water may be older than light diamonds crack in hot goat's blood mountaintops give off cold fire forests appear in mid ocean it may happen that a crab is caught with the shadow of a hand on its back that the wind might be imprisoned in a bit of knotted string And it may be that love sometimes occurs without pain or misery p 355Overall this book was absolutely deserving of its Pulitzer Prize and made me want to read work by this gifted author who incidentally was not published until she was in her 50s giving the present reviewer hope as yet And I know I have to still see the movie with Kevin Spacey

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When uoyle's two timing wife meets her just deserts he retreats with his two daughters to his ancestral home on the starkly beautiful Newfoundland coast where a rich cast of local characters and family members a During the years that I was the manager of a business I had the wonderful good fortune to have on staff many people originally from Newfoundland One aspect that I found fascinating is the similarities between that relatively small ‘rock’ and my holiday in southwest England many years ago In England I noticed that accents and the way certain things were said changed about every five miles The same is true with Newfoundland Definitions and phrases are different depending on where people lived The most interesting part is that even though they would use different terms for the same things they could still understand each other Well it’s all English after allThis story follows a family from New York to Newfoundland where uoyle’s family is from originally His Aunt travels with the family and is looking forward to a new start with uoyle and his two daughters in the place she had left behind nearly 50 years beforeThe writing is very different and interesting While they are in their small town in New York the sentences are terse choppy – very few articles and no conjunctions Tight compressed sentences that reflected their tight compressed existenceWhen they arrive at their destination everything changes – the sentences gradually grow and expand There are poetic turns of phrase mingled with the mangled English of the Newfoundlanders uoyle a would be journalist starts to turn out interesting articles for the newspaper whose owner still goes out fishing whenever he canI was enthralled with the people I met while reading and when this family saga ended of loves lost and found; of careers begun stalled and begun again; of friendships and warmth and caring; of dark times and sad times and cruel times and joyful times – when it all came to an end I felt I would give anything for a few like 10 or 20 chapters even though the ending is perfectThis novel won several prizes including both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize It is always a pleasure to me when a book I enjoy so much is given accolades and recognition and this one is a perfect example

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The Shipping NewsLl play a part in uoyle's struggle to reclaim his life As uoyle confronts his private demons and the unpredictable forces of nature and society he begins to see the possibility of love without pain or misery A v Like with almost every other Pulitzer darling we accompany the protagonist for the entire ride this one is exceptionally literary in that brave EveryMan type way This the prototype for the ever ambitious ever elusive Great semiAmerican Novel in which the elements of clever prose revampedrevisited personal histories of second chances and redemption are outstandingly clear and pitched at full blast Many novels read like this and usually the one in that particular year earns itself magnanimous acclaim Yes it tries to do everything right But why is this not a contemporary classic ahem Middlesex? Because after all as the drama becomes elevated the protagonist becomes somewhat uninteresting As the atmosphere becomes a desolated desperate? return to simplicity the token characters pile on the thesis being that with people around the sadness which is omnipresent is diminished The only way to succeed in life is to partake in it Bottom lineNo this one is not without its problems this is not Graham Greene it is not Toni Morrison it is not Geoffrey Eugenides after all Alas it suffers from similar ailments shared by other Pulitzer winners it is at times a tad too superficial A Visit from the Goon Suad; somewhat dull ish small insignificantish Breathing Lessons; dense American Pastoral or even a little too long overdone sorry Loneseome Dove it is thoroughly enjoyable too Which is NEVER a detractor from the overall experiencePS Several surprises await in the last 12 pages those readers who manage to reach the end So GET THERE people