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From the acclaimed musician comes a tender surprising and often uproarious memoir about his dirt poor southeast Texas boyhoodThe only child of a hard drinking father and a Holy Roller mother Rodney Crowell was no stranger to bombast from an early age whether knock down drag outs at a local dive bar or fire and brimstone sermons at Pentecostal tent revivals He was an expert at reading his father’s mercurial moods and gauging exactly when his mother was likely to erupt and even before he learned to ride a bike he was often forced to take matters into his own hands He broke up his parents’ raucous New Year’s Eve party with gunfire and ended their slugfest at the local drive in actual restaurants weren? Mental note to self as I begin this review don't get too bogged down in exposition Chances are pretty high that if you don't know who Rodney Crowell is you're most likely not reading this book or review For the mildly curious who might want some level of background before making a purchase decision I'll offer that Crowell is a songwriter and performer of top notch caliber He began his career in the early seventies and found a good deal of success on the pop and country charts before settling into a late model career shift that has found him peddling his considerable storytelling wares in the Americana and alt country regions of the modern Pop Mart He's a truly gifted guy and he often writes from an autobiographical perspective which makes this book offering from him resonate like a long form version of one of his recent albums wistful and heartfelt filled with the life lessons that can only be seen when one takes the long road of memory back to make sense of it allIf you're looking for the full on autobiographical treatment here you're looking in the wrong place Crowell doesn't touch upon his professional life until the end of the book and then only briefly in the context of the stories being recounted He instead focuses on the memories of his childhood in East Houston out near the Ship Channel and its toxic stew of industrial sludge that seemed to permeate every aspect of life in the region I'll admit that I have always had a fascination with Crowell the performer simply because he hails from a region of Houston that I am personally familiar with myself having lived at the intersection of Telephone Road and South Wayside for a number of years when I was younger His vivid tales of childhood in 1950s and 1960s era southeast Houston ring true to these ears for the simple reason that I personally know other people who can speak to similar storiesThe real core of the book revolves around the complex relationship between Crowell and his parents JW and Cauzette Both were prone to hard drink and hard violence and it's obvious from the outset that we're in for a tough ride as we wind down a memory lane filled with alcohol fueled outbursts of beatings and baitings guns and the ever present lack of money Through it all it's obvious that Crowell loves his parents with a fierce devotion and the payoff comes in the final chapters reading like an extended love letter to his mother and father To his credit Crowell avoids the syrupy sweetness that often accompanies such reminiscences and goes straight to the heart of the matterLike Rodney Crowell the songwriter Rodney Crowell the author brings to life a snippet of time for us to examine in detail His prose is deft and to the point his command of language fluid and descriptive It's a short book at just over 250 pages but well worth the readCoda This is an old review that I plucked out of the mists of time to revamp a bit after I pulled “Chinaberry Sidewalks” off of the shelf to leaf through it a bit A bit of autobiographical exposition is needed When we moved from Houston to central Texas back in 1996 it was a sea change for my whole family It was a bit of culture shock even though Houston and Austin are only separated by 160 miles or so As far as my musical tastes go I was lucky enough to find that Austin radio was WAY better than Houston radio At that time the old KGSR was still in business playing a variety of sounds with an emphasis on what would come to be called Americana music as well as a focus on local talent Iwe as a familyfound ourselves getting interested in a whole new musical palette that stands firm in our collection In 2003 Rodney Crowell released an album called “Fate’s Right Hand” It was one of his first forays away from mainstream country a

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Chinaberry Sidewalks??t on the Crowells’ menu by smashing a glass pop bottle over his own headDespite the violent undercurrents always threatening to burst to the surface he fiercely loved his epilepsy racked mother who scorned boring preachers and improvised wildly when the bills went unpaid And he idolized his blustering father a honky tonk man who took his boy to see Hank Williams Jerry Lee Lewis Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash perform live and bought him a drum set so he could join his band at age eleven Shot through with raggedy friends and their neighborhood capers hilariously awkward adolescent angst and an indelible depiction of the bloodlines Crowell came from Chinaberry Sidewalks also vividly re creates Houston in t Chinaberry Sidewalks is Rodney Crowell’s tribute to his parents who despite their violence and abuse during his childhood elicited his love and appreciation While the book is fairly well written with freuent cultural allusions and lyrical wording Crowell does overwrite ie facing an eternity of roasting like a marshmallow in the bonfires of hell congregation members stew in the juices of our own demise and hope the preacher will hurl a Hail Mary that saves our bacon Initially as he describes JW and Cauzette Crowell his matter of factness seems unrealistic but he’s clearly making a choice that accepts how his family contributed to the man he became In an interview about the book he says “I decided early on that I could tell the truth and really reveal in the first seven pages that my father was capable of being an out and out bastard” “But I knew if I were just to tell you the reader that it would be self serving on my part and designed to make you feel sorry for me” He also says “I don't think my childhood was bad he said I think it was perfect Crowell and Addie Cauzette Willoughby met in 1941 at a Roy Acuff concert in Western Kentucky He came from white trash Cauzette explained His grandfather had sex with daughters sisters granddaughters neighbors' wives and the odd farm animal “The lack of a formal education and a degree was a source of constant shame that my father was never able to overcome” Crowell writes even though his father eventually earned the rank of superintendent at the Mid Gulf Construction Company in Houston and “his level of expertise in the construction business made him eual to any civil engineer coming out of Texas AM or Rice”Cauzette suffered a stroke while still in the womb so “from before birth a pattern was set by which polio acute dyslexia epilepsy the sudden death of an infant son and a subseuent case of whacked out nerves would join the lengthy list of maladies assaulting the young Cauzette well before her 20th birthday my mother rarely drew a heathy breath”Revival meetings and Holy Roller preachers help her stay sane despite JW’ s beatings and when she finally stands up to him Rodney is elated The title comes from the three young Chinaberry trees he and his mother plant along the sidewalk edge in front of their four bedroom bungalow on Norvic Street in Jacinto City TX They name the trees for them selves and only his thrivesCrowell cares for both of his parents in their final days and euates his feelings for his four daughters with his love for his grandmother and Guy Clark Of his book he says If I was looking for your sympathy vote my book was going to fail Crowell said I didn't want you to feel sorry for me I wanted you to love them “Rodney Crowell has conducted a respectable if unspectacular career as a progressive country jack of all trades writing performing and producing commercial hits and critically respected works for himself and such collaborators as Emmylou Harris and Rosanne CashThat Chinaberry Sidewalks all but ignores his professional career might be a letdown for its most natural audience — Crowell fans looking for insights into his craft accounts of life on the road and in the studio his take on his 13 year marriage to CashMusic still figures prominently His parents met at a Roy Acuff concert and when Rodney was a toddler his father JW took him to a Hank Williams show — the doomed star's penultimate performance There was an outing to see Jerry Lee Lewis and his future father in law Johnny Cash and Rodney later played the drums in his father's bar band”

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Chinaberry Sidewalks eBook ☆ 0 pages Download Ý gwairsoft Þ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Chinaberry Sidewalks Author Rodney Crowell – From the acclaimed musician comes a tender surprising and often uproarious memoir about his dirt poor southeast Texas boyhoodThe only child of a hardHe fifties a rough frontier town where icehouses sold beer by the gallon on paydays; teeming with musical venues from standard roadhouses to the Magnolia Gardens where name brand stars brought glamour to a place starved for it; filling up with cheap subdivisions where blue collar day laborers could finally afford a house of their own; a place where apocalyptic hurricanes and pest infestations were nearly routineBut at its heart this is Crowell’s tribute to his parents and an exploration of their troubled yet ultimately redeeming romance Wry clear eyed and generous it is like the very best memoirs firmly rooted in time and place and station never dismissive and truly fulfilling From the Hardcover edition An honest humorous and sometimes heartbreaking memoir of a rough childhood and adolescence The author is a gifted storyteller which he has put to use as a notable country song writer I sometimes detected a tendency to overwrite but never strongly enough to pull me away from the story