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Lover Unleashed kindle ð 512 pages ´ gwairsoft Ü [Epub] ➞ Lover Unleashed Author J.R. Ward – Number one New York Times best selling author JR Ward's thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPayne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark seductive cloth as her brother NuR eons by their mother the Scribe Virgin she finally frees herself only to face a devastating injuryManuel Manello MD is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can but when the human surgeon and the vam You're the one who's Payne'sNo hesitation on that No hesitation on his reply either Yeah I am This was such a romantic book I must say I loved Manny and Payne's story 3 What made it even better was a side story concerning Vishous Fantastic The new bad guys are irritating as hell and I had the same urge to skip them as I do the lessers But overall I loved this one 3 The storyThis one picks up right after Lover MinePayne is at the Brotherhood compound injured and frustrated while everyone is in shock by learning she is Vishous' sisterJane takes off to find someone who can heal Payne her former boss and friend Manuel ManelloManuel is shocked and angry to find out Jane is alive but he agrees to go with her and try to help the injured personThe moment he sees Payne he knows she's special and that she's meant to be hisHe operates on her and they delete his memory after it's done which causes Manny massive headaches and the poor guy ends up thinking he's losing his mindPayne's state isn't improving and she doesn't want to be immobile for the rest of her life so Vishous decides to do something to give her the will to liveHe brings her back her healer Lifting her palm she peeled back and slapped him across the face And do NOT insult my blood This is Payne and Xcor uote I just had to It made my day DThe story I just LOVED the romance in this one I know it isn't a favorite for most people but for me it totally worked And what's weird I am really not a fan of insta love and this one is as insta as it gets but yeah it didn't bother me at all The side story about Vishous was heartbreaking but I loved it as well The charactersVishous He is dealing with another shock learning he had a sister imprisoned by his mother and it isn't doing him any good on the mental level Payne asks him to kill her if the treatment doesn't work and it eating him alive He goes back to his masochistic ways and Jane doesn't know how to help him After Payne tries to view spoilerkill herself hide spoiler

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Pire warrior meet their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion With so much working against them can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them hours andminutes WOW Lover Unleashed is a fantastic installment to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I especially loved the romance this time Here’s a checklist rundown of some of my favorite highpointsMore romance between main HH – CheckManny and Payne were amazing characters and I absolutely loved loved luvvved them together They were such a sweet sexy couple with a strong emotional connection and explosive chemistry In fact their sensual evocative romance was possibly my favorite since Lover Eternal and Lover Awakenedview spoiler Marvin Gaye’s Sexual HealingHOT DAYUM I loved when Manny showed Payne that she could have a full complete life even if she never walked again I loved the allegorical connection between Manny’s Thoroughbred Glory and Payne There were some truly beautiful touching moments with this part of the story hide spoiler

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Lover UnleashedNumber one New York Times best selling author JR Ward's thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPayne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark seductive cloth as her brother Imprisoned fo 4 Was this Payne's book or V's Stars SpoilersFirst Read 2014Reread 472017It finally happened he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross All his life he'd wondered why he'd never fallen in love and now he knew He'd been waiting for this moment this woman this time The female is mine he thought MannyLover Unleashed the 9th book in the BDB series was a good read but I was a little confused as to whose book it was I mean was this Payne and Manny's book or V and Jane's Because even though this is suppose to be about Payne and Manny V and Jane's drama took up most of this book I will be honest I liked V a lot in his book but in this book I was so upset with him I am trying to understand were V is coming from with all his past abuses I feel like he was unloyal to his Shellan Jane every time he thought about Butch in a sexual way or like in this book he was thinking back to his past Dom sex life and it seemed like he missed it Enough that Jane and Butch wondered if he would cheat on her I mean WTF A bonded male should never even think about being with another not even for a minute It felt like a betrayal of their love So V really let me down in this book Though he pulled his shit together in the end I didn't like seeing him feel that way in the first place It made me lose a little respect for him that he would even uestion his love for Jane And man I felt so damn bad for Jane in this book And the last thing he saw before he checked out of the Conscious Inn Suites was Jane's head whipping around in a panic In her eyes was stark terror as if the single worst thing that she could imagine was him in agonyAnd that was when he knew that he still loved her V Anyone but her She heard him say that over and over again saw his ashen face and his icy eyes and the way he had closed her out Funny the eternity she'd been granted had always seemed like the grandest blessing Until she pictured going aeons without the man she loved Now it was a curse Where would she go She couldn't very well continue at the compound Not if they were estranged like this JaneWhy did he even have to uestion if he still loved her He is bonded that isn't suppose to go away I just really didn't like it I also didn't like the fact that Payne and Manny took a backseat in this book Their story was out shined by V's shit I really liked both Payne and Manny I thought they were cute and sexy together and I would have loved time with them Seeing as this was suppose to be their book and all I enjoyed all the parts about Manny and Payne I loved that Payne was her own person She was strong a fighter and she was up front and honest Manny was great too He may have been human but he was strong in his own right He stood up to the brothers especially V and he was totally comfortable in his own skin He didn't want to become a vampire like Butch He was just fine with being himself I am the daughter of a god Manuel A deity That glow you call forth from me It is her very essence as an entity That is what she is As for my father He was nothing but a sadistic bastard who imparted unto me the urge to kill that was his 'gift' And do you want to know what I did with it Do you She was aware that her voice was rising but was singularly disinclined to uiet herself I killed him Manuel And for that crime against mine bloodline for that offense against the standards of behavior for females I was imprisoned and held for centuries So you are too right Go and do it now It is for the best But do not think that I fit in here any better than you do Payne You are beautiful and sexy and I don't know what the hell your mother or anyone else is doing comparing you to anything or anybody Nothing comes close to you on any level MannyOverall I enjoyed this book but would have liked Manny Payne and less JaneV I liked finding out Butch and Manny are half brothers I really liked the introduction of Xcor and the Band of Bastards Am I the only one that thought it was hot as shit when Throe and Xcor tag teamed the prostitute OMG who would have thought prostitute sex would be so damn hot I am looking forward to the Xcor plot I just loved Blay in this book I am so glad he was doing what was best for him I liked that he moved on instead of sitting around like a kicked puppy hurting every time he seen huinn with someone else I have to say I don't feel one bit sorry for huinn I know he is a lot of fans favorite but not mine The fact of the matter is he sat there ripping out Blay's heart having sex with everyone he could right in front of Blay knowing Blay was in love with him Now he is all poor me I love Blay and he is with another Well huinn could have Blay if he just grew some damn balls No one is stopping Blay and huinn's love but huinn Maybe it's because Blay is such a sweetheart and a male of worth and I feel protective of him but I have a hard time forgiving huinn for the pain he caused Blay Just because he was too much of a coward to go for what he wanted huinn's loss just sayin' Lover Unleashed was a good read but not one of my favorites in the series What you doing out here girlie the bigger of the two asked All alone I'm about to cut your throat open with what I have behind my back After which I shall break both of your legs not because I have to but because I shall enjoy the sound And then I will locate something steel with which to pierce your empty chest cavity and send you back to your maker Or mayhap I'll leave you to writhe on the ground Lesser and Payne