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PDF é BOOK The Beacon at Alexandria FREE ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ The Beacon at Alexandria ⚣ Author Gillian Bradshaw – Gwairsoft.co.uk In the Fourth Century AD independent and determined young Charis is forbidden to become a doctor because she is a woman Disguising herself as a eunuch she flees Ephesus for AlexandriFlee She serves as an army doctor at a Roman outpost in Thrace until kidnapped by barbarian Visigoths she finds her destiny to heal and also to be a woman and a wif I finally finished The Beacon at Alexandria by Gillian Bradshaw It took me a really long time to read this book I liked it fairly well but it was long It is only 350 pages long but it felt like forever Basically it is a story of a young woman in Ephesus during the third century who runs away from her about to be arranged marriage and goes to Alexandria to become a doctor The rest of the story is her career and attempts to remain disguised as a eunuch The idea was a good one but I found the author's writing style to be tedious Even the parts of the story that should have been exciting were written in a way that made them not exciting I also had a hard time following the history and the Roman names made it difficult for me to read as uickly as I normally do I had to stop and think about the name every time and that slowed down the progress of the story for me I was also disappointed by the ending of the story I liked the idea and the premise of the book but the writing style was not exciting enough to make the book a truly enjoyable read

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Sus for Alexandria then the center of learning There she apprentices to a Jewish doctor but eventually becomes drawn into Church politics and is forced once again to When Charis a fifteen year old girl living in Ephesus in the middle of the fourth century finds herself betrothed to a powerful but sadistic man she flees to Alexandria and instead of domesticity pursues her interest in medicine Disguised as a eunuch she attends lectures and is apprenticed to a Jewish doctor But fourth century Alexandria is a hotbed of religious and political dissent and finding herself inadvertently caught up in the midst of it she's obliged to flee once this time to Thrace where she works as a military doctor before her secret is finally uncoveredLike all Bradshaw's books this is a character based story It is true that the protagonist finds herself stationed on the edge of the Eastern Roman empire at the precise moment Attila the Hun's marauding army forces thousands of displaced Goths to come pouring across the border creating a crisis that was instrumental in the ultimate collapse of half the empire But Bradshaw's main focus in this book as in all her works is on the effect that great events have on individual people rather than on the grand sweep of historyWith her determination to live life on her own terms despite apparently overwhelming odds Charis is a deeply sympathetic character and what is particular absorbing about this book is the way that like a stone in the middle of a river she bends the current of popular opinion around her creating a place for an intelligent and uncompromising woman in a world largely governed by greedy and often unimaginative men

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The Beacon at AlexandriaIn the Fourth Century AD independent and determined young Charis is forbidden to become a doctor because she is a woman Disguising herself as a eunuch she flees Ephe Do NOT read the synopsis on the back of the bookgoodreads—gives away the entire story Literally The whole plot It’s been almost ten years since I read this book for the first time and it still has a powerful hold on me I can’t explain exactly why it is a favorite; sure it has the bold and brave girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to do what she loves but it’s so much than that Charis is one of those characters that I can’t help loving and rooting for and her journey during the declining years of the Roman empire is both vivid uplifting and sad Despite sounding like a modern heroine she feels totally authentic as do all the characters In some ways she reminds me of Amelia Peabody another favorite heroine of mine but minus the tongue in cheek humor and over the top adventure Charis’ story certainly has some over the top ualities to it and even a little bit of humor but it never veers into melodrama and while her disregard for danger leaves her friends throwing up their hands in despair the author has her face very real and complex situations without any glib solutions This is one of those novels that transcends genre that is thoroughly enjoyable to read but also impossible to stop thinking about It’s a rare book that will keep you up to 4 am for a re readThe plot Charis is the daughter of a well to do Greek politician in Ephesus Despite her interest in all things medical she never imagines any life for herself other than that of dutiful wife But when the malicious new governor Festinus accuses her father of treason and then announces that he will marry her she knows she has to real choice but to flee Disguising herself as a eunuch which makes the story a lot believable than the typical girl dressed up as a boy she travels to Alexandria where she hopes to study medicine at the famed university But Charis uickly learns that eunuchs are almost as much of outsiders as women are and she struggles to earn the right to studyAnd that is just the beginning but to tell of her story would be cheating you of the chance to experience it yourself The simultaneous splendor sualor nobility and corruption of the empire is presented in both beautiful and heartbreaking ways and it is a love letter to that civilization as well as a meditation on living in a world that is falling apart