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FREE EPUB ✓ MOBI Grotesue ó Ô PAGE MORGAN í ➷ [Reading] ➹ Grotesue By Page Morgan ➬ – It was bizarre and inexplicable and after it happened Ingrid Waverly was forced to leave her life in London behind She had to trade a world full of fancy dresses and society events for eHouse at all It's an abbey A creepy old abbey with a roof lined in stone gargoyles that could almost be mistaken for living breathing creaturesAnd to top it all off Grayson is missing Yet no one seems to be concerned about Grayson's whereabouts save for Luc a devastatingly handsome servant who has some deep and dark secrets of his own There's one secret about the city that even L I’m not one who usually reads historical fiction but this one appealed to me Mystery horror with a gothic feel set in Paris I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I gave this story a chance Seventeen year old Ingrid is flung into a world where mythical creatures are anything but myth when her mother sister and she move to Paris from London Her mother plans on renovating an old abbey into a gallery to exhibit her art and during the renovations Ingrid her sister Gabriella and Grayson are to stay in the abbey’s old rectory only Grayson is missing when they arrive He was sent ahead to locate and purchase a property suitable for his mother’s endeavor and he chooses the old abbey Ingrid and Gabby are horrified to find the rectory and abbey old musty creepy and haunting Surrounded by gargoyles sitting as grotesue sentries at the top of the building the place gives Ingrid shivers Turns out there’s a reason for that When they arrive and find Grayson missing with reports of local girls disappearing as well Ingrid and Gabby are than alarmed and they make plans to find him Reluctantly involved in the uest is Luc one of the abbey’s servants He’s young and beautiful and Ingrid finds out there’s than meets the eye when it comes to Luc Not just Luc there’s a whole other world in Paris that Ingrid and Gabby discover just under their noses and unfortunately their brother Grayson found himself smack in the middle of it This story was an intriguing mix of fantasy mystery and horror and interspersed with romantic tension The story is told in the third person and switches from the perspective of Ingrid Gabby Luc and Grayson so that we get to know each character a little intimately Seventeen year old Ingrid is still reeling from humiliation over an incident in London so moving to Paris is a welcome change but finding her twin Grayson is missing is like a stab to the heart She is very close to her brother almost like an invisible cord connects them so she knows he’s in danger but still alive Fifteen year old Gabby is impetuous and outgoing so she doesn’t think twice about conseuences when she bands together with her sister Ingrid to find Grayson Grayson’s disappearance is wrapped up in Luc’s secret world so he’s not going to let Ingrid and Gabby search for Grayson by themselves He’s connected and bound to all residents of the abbey but finds himself even so to Ingrid She’s also affected by Luc with his striking good looks and infuriatingly hostile attitude As much as Ingrid would like to ignore Luc she finds out he is one of the keys to finding her brother I really liked the original idea of this world and its creatures and the setting of Paris back in the 1800’s was mysterious and intriguing But there’s a lot going on with this being the first book in a series setting up and explaining the world and creatures There are several POVs and a descriptive style of prose and all this combined made it a little difficult to get into the story at first Once I settled in though the story got a whole lot interesting even if the pacing was a little slow There are a few attractions and romances a brewing with Ingrid and Gabby Shades of a love triangle with Ingrid Luc and another character Vander who is also part of this mystical world made me a little nervous I can’t stand love triangles but so far the situation is bearable because Luc seems to be the clear winner even though their romance is in the forbidden category He’s definitely my pick Gabby’s romance was of the antagonistic variety which made it a little fun and lighthearted All in all this is a promising start in a series with an original concept and while it didn’t leave on a cliffhanger it left you wanting I will be picking up the seuel to see what happens next A copy was provided by Delacorte Press in exchange for an honest review Come visit The Readers Den for a chance to win a copy of The Beautiful and the Cursed

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Uc can't keep hidden though there's a murderer on the loose And every day that Grayson is missing means there's less chance he's still aliveIngrid is sure her twin isn't dead she can feel it deep in her soul but she knows that he's in grave danger and that it's up to her and Gabby to find him before all hope is lost And yet the path to him is dangerous than she could ever imagine So excited that there seem to be so many YA gothics coming out recently Well so many meaninga few

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GrotesueIt was bizarre and inexplicable and after it happened Ingrid Waverly was forced to leave her life in London behind She had to trade a world full of fancy dresses and society events for exile in gothic Paris with her mother and her younger sister GabbyIn Paris there are no grand balls or glittering parties and disturbingly the house rented by Ingrid's twin brother Grayson isn't a You had me at fans of Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle trilogy BUT IF SOMEONE TURNS INTO A TREE SO HELP ME GOD