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Good Morning Nantwich Adventures in Breakfast RadioAs in love with breakfast radio now as they ever were Breakfast shows on local and even hospital radio are also explored underscoring the importance of the most celebrated shows for these stations as well From the playlists and controllers to the jingles and jokes this hilarious handbook portrays the breakfast DJ as “celebrity” making for a mischievous odyssey through the denizens of daybreak Wasn't wholly what I was expecting but interesting nonetheless I had foolishly thought this would be a full autobiography of a person I thought I knew because of the stand up circuit and Never Mind The Buzzcocks However it was about his musical tastes that seem varied and at a tangent to mine I have never listened to his music show on the radio Therefore the references in this book passed me by and given that it was concentrated on the period that he was on the radio show it meant little to me I still like Phill but now realise I'm not really a groupie and so don't know enough to interact with him to his relief no doubt and I don't feel I've learned enough from this episode in his life Maybe I'm shallow and just want simple anecdotes about the guests who have appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

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EBOOK ´ EPUB Good Morning Nantwich Adventures in Breakfast Radio ä 9780007357550 ´ ➹ [Download] ➵ Good Morning Nantwich Adventures in Breakfast Radio By Phill Jupitus ➼ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Uncovering the secret world of the most competitive and highest profile slotUncovering the secret world of the Nantwich Adventures PDFEPUB #230 most competitive and highest profile slot in radio Good Morning MOBI #234 this study leads a hilarious romp through the ins and outs of the breakfast show Morning Nantwich Adventures ePUB #180 Penned by a former breakfast radio DJ on BBC Music access is granted to Morning Nantwich Adventures in Breakfast Epubsome of the country's As someone who has presented radio shows for some years I went into this confident I'd love it primarily because I knew Phill had a similar view to me ie a deep dislike of playlisted radio and a general feeling that somehow an amazing platform had lost its way with DJs reduced to being announcers rather than competent music filters for the public In reality whilst I enjoyed Phill's explanations of how he feels great radio should be I just felt that on the whole the book misfired a little too much Given the focal point is meant to be about his 5 years presenting the breakfast show on 6Music the reality is that the entire half decade is skated over in barely two chapters Whilst I wasn't expecting some litany of showbiz tales the fact that the glossy photos in the centre show Phill with some of his favourite guests suggests he might in some way refer to them Instead what we get is I'm sad to say a slightly dull trip through Phill's exposure to radio and how he came to be on 6Music For me it just wasn't especially interesting and felt throughout like it was uite unfocussed as if what was needed was some decent editing A shame then as I respect the man and his approach to both comedy and radio but in this instance it just didn't hit the spot Sorry Phill

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Brightest and best loved DJs and stations from Terry Wogan Chris Moyles Johnny Vaughan and Tony Blackburn to Heart and Capital BBC Radio and the R's Today show The biggest DJs and most popular shows in the country are covered conducting an eye opening journey through the teams who start off the morning for the general public explanations of how they do it and importantly why the British people are I'm not really certain what Jupitus set out to do with this book and therein lies the problem Pre publicity for the book suggested that it would cover the generation of a new radio station and Jupitus' subseuent falling out with the controllers with a handy side order of whimsical anecdotes What you really get however is a grab bag of assorted snippets from various potential memoirs 'my early years growing up in Essex' 'why I love radio' 'early forays into broadcasting' welded onto a series of rants about bad broadcasting bad music and Coldplay There's also a vague nod to those wacky 'journey' books where the authors set themselves a task though in this case Jupitus can't really compete with hitch hiking round Ireland with a Fridge when all he is doing is listening to local breakfast radio For one morning It's entertaining enough but you don't get any real sense of sufferingJupitus himself seems like a very pleasant man and he clearly thinks he's offering up delightful whimsy but really this is a scattershot selection of tales that don't hang together too well and are probably far entertaining for those involved than the casual observerlistener