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Tered the arts of war and government lived her life by her own design and ruled an empire the only woman Pharaoh in histo An interesting look at the culture and politics of ancient Egypt a setting I'm none too familiar with This is historical fiction an imgagining of how the only female Pharaoh in history might have come to power and how it may have ended with any markers of her passing obliterated by those who would rather not have remembered itGedge's characters are compelling multifaceted characters and much as the reader might like a surprise that turns the tables they are subject to the forces of tradition and the realities of their situation Who knows what really happened but what's here is powerful I particularly liked the relationship between Hatshepsut and Senmut especially without it becoming a romance novel

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Child of the MorningShe ruled Egypt not as ueen but as Pharaoh thirty five centuries ago Yet her name Hatshepsut does not appear in dynastic I have a thing about Hatshepsut She was the first 'great woman' of known history and that's a freaking big deal Moreover her reign was peaceful prosperous and well administered Her greatest achievements include building of monuments many of which still stand Unfortunately later pharaohs possibly Thutmose III or Amenhotep I have tried to detract from her achievements And failed as far as I am concerned Being a pharaoh for a woman thousands of years ago is in itself a big achievement that still so many countries around the world are unable to achieve In light of my intense admiration for Hatshepsut I found Gedge's depiction of her rather offensive Gedge's Hatshepsut is rather dumb Vain and arrogant she may be That's acceptable and possibly even expected But Hatshepsut makes stupid decisions one after the other from handing over her army to someone she 'knows' is going to bring her down to never taking any action against Thutmose III If Hatshepsut 'knows' that he is going to arrange a coup why would she do nothing to prevent it? Hatshepsut's constant war of words with Thutmose was tiresome and cringe inducing What kind of pharaoh listens to open threats and doesn't do anything? In view of her 'niceness' or dumbness if you prefer Hatshepsut's constant repetitions about how she is Egypt and God and blah blah is rather sadly hilarious Gedge could not have created a sad sounding pharaoh if she had tried A criminal endeavour if you ask me The other characters were mildly interesting than Hatshepsut I found Senmut's character arc the most intriguing but he too lost his appeal by the middle of the book For some reason Gedge delights in making ancient Egypt depressing I have read a few books now by this author and she invariably ends up bringing in depressive characters weeping and moaning about their fate about which they already 'know' Gedge's habit of her characters knowing the future is tiresome and takes away from any depth that the story might otherwise have There is no historical evidence that Hatshepsut roamed about being depressed all over the place so there was absolutely no need for the author to make this decision On the other hand Gedge's research is pretty detailed and ancient Egypt really comes to life The bringing of myrrh trees from Punt and the broken obelisk are wonderful examples of inserting interesting historical titbits into the narrative I enjoyed these inputs and it was interesting to feel how Egyptians lived In the end Hatshepsut probably definitely faced discrimination but having established herself as a successful ruler for a couple of decades I don't really see her as someone who would simply give in and not take steps to protect herself No woman ruler then or now can afford to be so complacent

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read Child of the Morning doc ✓ Paperback ✓ gwairsoft ï ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Child of the Morning By Pauline Gedge ➶ – She ruled Egypt not as ueen but as Pharaoh thirty five centuries ago Yet her name Hatshepsut does not appear in dynastic scrolls nor is her reign celebratedScrolls nor is her reign celebrated on monuments This is the story of the young woman who assumed the throne of Egypt mas Horizons and Cultural Tag Child of the Morning chronicles the life of Hatshepsut female Pharaoh and ueen as she rises in Egyptian rule to power There is lots of early Egypt culture and rites as well as mysticism and folklore and Hatshepsut is the eventual grandmother to Amunothep Our heroine was certainly a badass and a remarkable woman in historical fiction No doubt ahead of her timeWhen I first put Child of the Morning on my TBR I mistakenly thought it was a novel about Potiphar's wife I had seen a similar novel on that theme and was excited about it So I was surprised to discover this wasn't it and even weirder I can't seem to find a historical fiction novel featuring Potiphar's wife Maybe I am meant to write one lol Did I like it? In places At points it held my attention At other points I wavered I was sort of happy to be done with it and as I am always saying I have become discerning of my TBR and am trying to read the existing books So I was happy to finish it in than one way I do have two Egypt books to enjoy this month that I suspect I might even enjoy a bit