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READER ´ DOC Are Men Obsolete ´ CAITLIN MORAN ´ [Download] ✤ Are Men Obsolete? By Caitlin Moran – ‘Men are so last century They seem to have stopped evolving The Mad Men world is disappearing and the guys are struggling to figure out the altered parameters of manliness’Maureen Dowd‘Do women ‘Men are so last century They seem to have stopped evolving The Mad Men world is disappearing and the guys are struggling to figure out the altered parameters of manliness’Maureen Dowd‘Do women get anything from men being obsolete? Do we win by This book was recommended to me by my boyfriend I know right?He knows I'm a big Caitlin Moran fan and he works in a bookshopI both liked and hated this bookI've always been a feminist I come from a family with 2 very strong empowered women who always stood for what they believe despite what patriarchy told them they had to doI also have a very sexist dad who thinks women are inferior and they should be grateful for what men allow them to do except me I'm the best female driver he's seen You drive like a man I was damn right to go to uni and my boyfriend should do his own damn clothes because you're no one's maidBoth these things made me a feminist from a very young age and I've always believed men and women ARE EUALS None of that women are better crap That's sexism as well Like Caitlin Moran says I'm a Humanist I bought this book waiting to hear form both sides of feminism But instead I found myself even in love with Caitlin and HATING everyone elseThings like when men disappear which is already a WTF thing to say they will take video games Game of Thrones on continuous loop and cold pizza in the morning with them made me hate this book Now I'm a BIG fan of video games Game of Thrones AND cold pizza And I'M A WOMAN Sentences like this are just stereotyping men And guess what? When men stereotype women IT'S CALLED SEXISM Way to goSo anyway this book was full of contradictions dubious science the Y chromosome is about to be extinct in 10000 years? I would like to see a scientific article about it On a proper scientific magazine please not on Vagina Today and very little humour despite being considered a humour book It just made me really want to read of Caitlin Moran She's the only one worth listening to

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Triumphing in work education the economy politics and business while retaining homemaking and child rearing? If that happened then we will be doing everything Are men obsolete? No I won’t let you be you fs’Caitlin Moran Are Men Obsolete is an esse Don't be misled by the clickbait title this is not the work of the stereotypical Angry Feminist suggesting that we do away with half the human race Nor is it jut the work of Caitlin Moran but that's a Goodreads admin pointThis is a transcript of one of the Munk Debates pitting four brilliant women Hanna Rosin Maureen Dowd Camille Paglia and Caitlin Moran against each other on the topic of gender euality and the future of men in a world where women are outperforming them across sectorsI picked this up in the library for the exact reason I'm telling you not to judge it the title made me laugh because it's totally absurd In the opening words of the 'For' argument Rosin admits For one thing we haven't figured out how to harvest their sperm without you know keeping them alive So you can see there is a lot to this debate than an outlandish proposition It's not a clear cut topic by any means and the four speakers agreed on a number of areas There was far too much ground to cover in a relatively short debate but the speakers touched on areas such as the crisis of masculinity the intersection with class in the case of the 'working class man' and the many faces of feminism There will no doubt be critics who will scream but how can four women be debating whether or not men are obsolete? How dare they To them I say men have been debating the value of women for many centuries so frankly it was refreshing to have the tables turned and have an all female panel offering up elouent balanced arguments Certainly the male chair Rudyard Griffiths felt safe with Moran and Paglia arguing against the motionCaitlin Moran Aren't you enormously grateful that I'm not saying that men should be exterminated?Rudyard Griffiths Thank youCaitlin Moran We're not going to come around and just put you all in big dumpsters Rudyard Griffiths My Y chromosome will live to see another dayThe debate started with the audience voting against the motion 82 18but how did they vote after closing arguments? I'll mark the rest of my review in spoilers for when you've had a chance to read the argumentsview spoilerThe crux of this debate is really around the definition of obsolescence a word which I am now in love with As Rosin argued in her opening statement the fundamental biological need for the male half of the population remains However it was her elouent closing argument that really sealed the deal in the minds of the voting audience I think there is some confusion out there about what you are voting for if you vote for us When we say men are obsolete that doesn't mean they are worthless or that we want to stomp on them or that we hate themthe twin combustion engine technically makes the bicycle obsolete That doesn't mean that we hate the bicycle or want to throw it awayYou are allowed to preserve the parts of manhood that you love and valuewhile at the same time recognising that there needs to be some adjustments if men and particularly certain men are going to survive the modern worldArguably it was this closer that swung the audience from 82 18 opposed to 56 44 opposed a huge swing that was deemed a victory for Rosin and Dowd arguing for the motion hide spoiler

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Are Men Obsolete Ntial and entertaining read for anyone interested in what happens next in the great gender discussion Maureen Dowd Caitlin Moran Camille Paglia and Hanna Roisin debate whether modern man is past his sell by date and if so what does that mean for women This was a big fat disappointment The debaters were not really debating the point in uestion Camille Paglia was stubbornly fixated on how we don't value manual labor any which acc to her is intrinsically male whose side you on Camille?? Maureen Dowd mentioned Ted Cruz one time too many and Caitlin Moran didn't like the uestion Hanna Rosin seemed to be the only one who actually debating the thing but even her argument didn't reach into the depths and answer whether the structures our world functions on build by men for men are being eroded or molded or what That left out families politics sex gender masculinity and femininity and oh about everything else too Some fault it seems to me lies in the phrasing of the debate uestion Maybe if the debate was titled 'Are women winning?' they would have concentrated on how well women are doing and not whether men going obsolete is a good thing or not It's too bad de Beauvoir is dead because she would have been so so good in this debate There's this 1967 video on yt in which she says that things are worse for women than they had been when she wrote The Second Sex 49 What would she have to say for today?? Have some women achieved subject status or have men just been bought into object status along with women? So much to be said And this 1 and a half hour debate didn't even tap on it Lastly a big boo to the men in the YouTube chat there were ONLY men who truly deserve to be obsolete why did the sponsors of the debate look so sleepy and washed out? the panelist was also kinda off the after debate interviews were better and should have been longer as should have the debate