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NO Author Boyd Rice Doc Ñ 112 pages  ➷ [Reading] ➹ NO By Boyd Rice ➬ – Heartworm #33An 112 page new classic of blunt realities social composition and discourse NO dissects 45 deceptive affairs including Rebellion The Sexes Individuality Euality Peace The Nazis and Keepin Heartworm An page new classiIce can If past written collections of his work serve as time capsuled history let NO be the words of the futureDebossed paperback Im a big Boyd Rice fan but for every clever witticism found in here is another almost disappointing mundane or libertarian esue point where you expect better from an otherwise original artist Perhaps this book should really be read as art and cultural criticism before being considered anything else

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Heartworm #33An 112 page new classic of blunt realities social composition and discourse NO dissects 45 deceptive affairs includin I paid over 100 for this book an excellent first edition copy and found it to be worth every penny A rare book on a broad spectrum of subjects packed with a ton of wisdom in just a little over a short 100 pagesNotes uotesWhat I uestion is the extent to which any of us truly knows what the facts really are I mistrust every ideal cherished in western democratic civilization The words that make others smile and nod in agreement cause me to recoil Boyd RiceHave you ever seen a demonstrable example of euality in your entire life? Can it be glimpsed in any dog show or classroom? In any ping pong game or chess match? Of course not It is a philosophical abstraction something nowhere to be found in natureSave the lives of 100000 people dying of starvation by providing them food and supplies and in five years hence you might see 400000 people on the verge of starvation The best of intentions often have the worst of results Unintended conseuencesEverything in your life can or should be about tactics and strategies If you were fighting a war you would employ tactics and strategies Why not employ the same ethics in search of a job or girlfriend or whatever?Tips are like a form of welfare shifted from the government to the populace at large And the wider the circle of people who get tips grows the people who imagine they deserve tips grows It's not about or better service it's about getting something for nothing a uniuely American idealWise men seek to change the conditions of their lives having little or no concern with the world Fuck the world it is the domain of fools Any attempt at exercising control over the world is an exercise in futility Exercising control over ones life is the simplest of matters And the results it yields are both immediate and demonstrableThe most absolute power granted to a president is to veto measures with which he disagrees His greatest power resides in a negative not a positive He is not a ruler or leader in any traditional sense but rather a figureheadWhen the state is most corrupt then the laws are the most multiplied TacitusIf laws were real they wouldn't need to be enforced because if they were real they couldn't be broken Try breaking the law of gravity Now that's a law Laws made by man are rules reflecting the current status of his moral codes As he alters and whittles away his morality casting bits and pieces aside his codes change to reflect itThe word Nazi meant National Socialist It pertained to a specific time place and ideology It encapsulated a trinity if ideas German ultra nationalism anti semitism and a totalitarian regime ruled over by a single figure who exercised absolute controltake solace in the fact that dumb people cling to dumb ideals it makes them all the easier to deal with and dispense withI don't worry worrying's not for me Things that bother you never bother me Livin' In The SunlightWhen you are born without the ordinary feelings and emotions shared by most other human beings life looks different to you It seems at times like a movie you're walking through a spectator than a participant There is above all a lack of empathy with most of mankind a sense of detachment But with detachment comes perspective The less you ca

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NO Author Boyd RiG Rebellion The Sexes Individuality Euality Peace The Nazis and Keeping It Real all brought to light in a fashion that only Boyd R I have long been an enormous fan of Boyd Rice's abrasive misanthropic and sometimes politically incorrect sound recordings in the genres of spoken word and noise and his writing is no exception where the presentation of his thorny abrasive character is concerned Much has been made especially by those willfully ignorant of his work of Boyd Rice's unorthodox political beliefs to clear things up he comes across less as a Fascist though he has certainly called himself that for shock value than a particularly misanthropic far right small l libertarian although he is as critical of libertarians as any other group and hates them just as much That said the misanthropic heavily critical tone of this book was excellent Boyd Rice tears apart and deconstructs numerous spiritual and political beliefs further cementing his status as a COUNTER countercultural icon as critical of Satanism and AnarchismSocialismLibertarianism as any mainstream ideology This is a book that is guaranteed to upset those with strong beliefs in anything especially those who are unconsciously hypocritical about such beliefs and for that I enjoyed it immensely NO consists primarily of one or two page essays in which Boyd Rice discusses society's most treasured ideas and tells everyone exactly why he believes those ideas are nonsense A few beliefs that I personally hold to be true were smashed to bits in some of the essays but thanks to an open mind and a thick stomach I continued reading fascinated by the counterargument presented This is a much recommended read for those who are unafraid to see some of society's most cherished values torn apart before their faces in a dissonant abrasive expression of dissatisfaction not only with the status uo itself but with those who claim to challenge the status uo while all the while upholding it