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FREE MOBI ↠ DOC The Sword of Sighs The Age of the Flame #1 Ð GREG JAMES ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Sword of Sighs The Age of the Flame #1 Author Greg James – Sarah Bean lives a uiet life in Okeechobee Florida until the day she is transported from our world Ing wizard called Ossen who saves her from the dreaded black riders servants of a being known only as the Fallen One Together they will have to undert You can also find this review at Review Like people who judge a book by its cover I judge a book in my own ways I judge them by their first sentence or if it's not sufficient their first paragraph This book hit my mark just nice You can judge for yourself if you want Here's the first paragraph of the bookThe night winds droned low and bitter around the snow crusted flanks of the lone standing mountain known as Fellhorn Its forbidding heights were only slightly smoothed by the ice that had settled over its treacherous beetling crags Clouds clung cancerous to the bone white breast of the moon darkening the storm wracked landscape belowEven the description itself made me interested I felt like an English teacher trying to look for the necessary tools needed to make a book awesome And in one paragraph I found so many of them I knew it would be the same all the way Turns out I was right This story revolves around Sarah Bean who holds the Flame inside her necessary for killing the Fallen One the Darkness That Was Not Darkness She has her own Path to take After being transported to the Wood Beneath the Worlds from her uiet life in Florida she finds herself imprisoned by Yagga a witch who lives in the Woods In there she finds Gorra who is actually the Woods itself trapped in a doll's body Together they fight against Yagga and succeed Sarah thinks that she can go home now but instead has to face a choice she is unwilling to take She takes her destined Path together with Ossen the Wayfarer and with one of the Sworn who are trained to be assassins But what Sarah doesn't know is the real identity of figure swathed in black who always accompany them in silenceThe Sworn is Princess Jedda the pirncess or Highmount She was thought to be a traitor child and was thus sentenced to death Along the way they stumble across obstacles that seem difficult to overcome but together they faced them until Ossen loses his life fighting one of the Iron Gods and Jedda vanishes after being taken by the Fallen One Sarah is now alone But she reaches the Fell horn which holds A'aron or the Sword of Sighs the only weapon that can kill the Fallen One And then a giant AHC just decided to show up on the last page Thanks a lot Greg You just ruined a day for me because I was busy wiping tears from my face I wasn't satisfied simply wasn't And you know that a book's awesome if I always end up like this after reading it I thought that I was going to have a mental breakdown For people who love books without romance this book is for youBrief Review Interesting and exciting it was enough to catch my attention all the way You'll never be able to put the book down There is a big AHC awaiting you in the end that keeps me wanting CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEUEL I am this desperate Funny how the books I've reviewed so far are so freaking amazingFinal Rating 55 'Totally Amazing'

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Sarah Bean lives a uiet life in Okeechobee Florida until the day she is transported from our world to the fantastic realm of Seythe She meets a wayfar I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of the Sword of Sighs I have read Greg James’ other works under the name GR Yeates and I can honestly say this is my favorite book of his so far It’s about a girl who finds herself worlds away from her Florida home Slavery kidnapping death and a bit of love thrown in for kicks await her in this new world Sword of Sighs is very fast paced Each chapter is packed with action and details that the reader could easily miss if not paying attention At times I wish it would have slowed down so I could savor the moment And like in all of James’ books the amount of detail goes beyond graphic into a realm that not many authors’ can reach I just want to throw a bit of a personal thank you out there to the author The book ends with closure but many unanswered uestions It makes me curious as to what comes next He did not end it with a cliff hanger like so many indy authors like to do That is one of my biggest pet peeves and I am thrilled that he has not followed in the footsteps as many before him

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The Sword of Sighs The Age of the Flame #1Ake a treacherous journey to the far away Fellhorn mountain where Sarah must find the one weapon that can save them from the black riders pursuing the Greg James has done it again He's a phenomenal author who guarantees to take you on a journey I've had the pleasure of reading his Vetala Cycle books under the pen name GR Yeates His words create a poetic atmosphere that captures you and doesn't let go He brings you in with such vivid imagery that as you read you see the world he creates playing in your mind like a movieThe Sword of Sighs was such a book From the cover of the book to the synopsis to the prologue he grabbed a hold of me and didn't let go Nice The story had a Lord of the Rings feel to it in that the story was a grand and epic adventure I've read stories before where there's action and adventure but none to the scale of what James created with The Sword of SighsWarning May contain spoilers from here onwardThe story revolves around Sarah Bean She's just an ordinary girl who was chosen to be the savior of the world of Seythe One minute she's hiding from her foes and the next poof she's gone I was sad for Sarah and felt her loss and anguish as she was just taken from the world she knew into this foreign world that was alien to her in every sense of the word It was good to know that she meets someone who takes her in and cares for herFriendship love and bonds were formed through out Sarah's time in Seythe She learns that she has to either place her trust in individuals or be alone and face the monsters in this world And were they monstersAs with any epic story that is told treachery and betrayal is an integral part Power play is being made as well as bold face lies As I was reading I was gasping in disbelief of what my eyes had just read There were times where I just wanted to protect Sarah and times where I wanted to yell at her asking what the heck she was doingTowards the end of the book I was on edge My eyes couldn't read fast enough because I wanted to know whether or not Sarah would succeed in her uest I wanted to know what would happen to herEnd of spoiler warningI am happy to know that this book is part of a series as I would like to know about Sarah's life in our world I would like to know how come she was the one chosen for this uest and why I would like to know how her story continues in the world of SeytheI have to say that while this is a young adult fantasy it certainly is different than any I've read Some young adult fantasy I've read have the lead female character in love with her male counterpart This is usually what defines her not the fact that she has the potential to become something greater This is certainly not the case with Sarah Bean We see her grow as a person through out the story and start becoming who she was chosen to beDo I recommend this book? Heck yeah I do If you want to dive into a fantastical and epic journey of good vs evil then this book is for youwwwsamedinamicsblogspotcom