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The Land of the Painted Caves epub ã Hardcover Î ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Land of the Painted Caves Author Jean M. Auel – In The Land of Painted Caves Jean M Auel brings the ice age epic Earth's Children series to an extraordinary conclusion Ayla one of the most remarkable and beloved heroines in coHe Ninth Cave the couple find much pleasure in Land of the Epub #218 their baby daughter and in being reunited with friends and family Ayla plays a vital role in the area of healing her knowledge of plants and herbs gleaned from her days with the Clan strikes awe in her new tribe They are also both impressed by and wary of her uncanny affinity with long time companions the mare Whinney and WolfBut torn between her desire to concentrate on her new child and the rigours of her training as Zela The Clan of the Cave Bear was a masterful character driven drama if slightly plodding an intensive study of both the nature of characters and relationships The protagonist Ayla was a flawed and vulnerable girl possessed of genuinely admirable determination existing in a very dangerous brutal and unfair world which caused her to suffer real hardships and even be threatened with death on than one occasion The Land of Painted Caves is a poorly written repetitive tedious unenjoyable mess The pace of the book moves at a bare crawl the plot doesn’t even show up until the last third of the novel and even then it’s a half baked implausible affair that’s essentially just a rehash of the plot of the third book The protagonists are overpowered and boring but even worse in an attempt to inject some drama into this story they act inconsistently and out of character with their previous incarnations whilst a veritable tide of thinly sketched secondary characters are introduced and never heard from again How could the debut novel of the Earth’s Children series have been so good whilst its finale is so bad The Land of Painted Caves was touted by publicity campaigns as the bestseller of 2011 Instead the negative reaction from fans this time round has been overwhelming and the word I have seen being thrown out there most often is disappointingDisappointing is the word that comes foremost to my own mind in regards to this final instalment in the Earth’s Children saga but to be honest I can’t pretend that after having observed the decline of the series and problems inherent in The Shelters of Stone I actually expected The Land of Painted Caves to be on a par with The Clan of the Cave Bear I went into Painted Caves with the strong suspicion of what I would be getting myself into and the book didn’t prove me wrong in that regards What I found so disappointing about it was that beyond the mess that this book was it had the potential to be so much better Previous books had established a few potential conflicts and hinted at a few intriguing little strands that if these conflicts had been handled better and given any element of risk or these loose strands picked up on and pursued Painted Caves could have been a whole lot better There was potential for a good story somewhere in there it was simply wasted and the easy option taken instead Even with a severe editor eliminating all the repetition and unnecessary chaff from this book something could have been produced that would have been half as long and at least concise and acceptable enough to pass musterRepetition is a major problem in The Land of Painted Caves Certain themes or sentences are repeated over and over again characters would pause right in the middle of a scene to embark upon a lengthy reminisce about an event from one of the previous books characters would even speak to one another about such prior incidents as if the other person hadn’t been there at the time and didn’t know what had happened The repetition was so interminable that towards the last third of the novel incidents that had happened earlier in the book were revisited and readers reminded of them This was probably the single most annoying thing to me in this book the one thing that really got my rubbing my temples and having to simply stop reading because I could only take so much For fun and to pass the time a little whilst I was reading the book I kept an accurate tally of the number of tim

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In The Land of Painted Caves Jean M of the ePUB #8608 Auel brings the ice age epic Earth's Children series to an extraordinary conclusion Ayla one of the most remarkable and beloved heroines in contemporary fiction continues to explore the world and the people around her The Land PDF or with curiosity insight and above all courageTheir epic journey across Europe is complete and Ayla and Jondalar join his people in the region now known as south west FranceSettling into the rhythm of life in t I just read the interview with Jane Auel that came out before the book was published It was a LOT interesting than the book wasWhile reading LOPC I kept finding myself saying AGAIN Wolf helps to find Jondular AGAIN You're repeating the Mother's Song AGAIN You're talking about cattails AGAIN Someone is jealousAGAINIt seemed to me that Jondular and Ayla still hadn't gotten past the problems that they had in MH They haven't grown as characters at all It would have been far interesting if there would have been a few scenes with Marona sorry if I spelled it wrong and WHY and HOW he decided to relieve his needs with her I also didn't uite understand why Marona packed her things and left She had at least a part of Jondularhe and Ayla weren't talkingwhy give up the high groundAnd it would have been awesome if he and Ayla would have actually TALKED about it instead of just hiding from each other AGAIN I LOVED Clan of the Cave Bears It had a good vibea clash of culturesa variant of nature vs nurture Valley of Horses was AWESOME Coming to terms with known prejudices Mammoth Hunters was GREAT A look at a society that values differences Wasn't so crazy about Plains of Passagebut it was interesting seeing the way different cultures handle thingsI even liked Shelters of Stone as it defined relationships in a community and the effect of an outsider on the dynamics of said communityLand of Painted Caves was justnothing There was nothing newexcept for the red and black dots No relationship went forward or backno one learned anythingno one had any insightsI could go onbut I won't

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The Land of the Painted CavesNdoni Ayla finds her relationship with Jondalar moving into stormy waters Can she manage to balance her sense of destiny with her heartSpellbinding drama meticulous research fascinating detail and superb narrative skill combine to make The Land of Painted Caves a captivating utterly believable creation of a civilization that resonates long after the reader has turned the last page and serves as an astonishing end to this beloved sagajacket illustration by Rob Wood of Wood Ronsaville Harlin i Big thanks to all the Good Reads and reviewers who have already given this one a big THUMBS DOWN You've given me permission to stop wasting my time hoping it will get better I'm always afraid of being the one to burst everyone's expectation bubble without putting in a fair effort No problem with that here As of this writing there are 398 ratings on Good Reads and the average rating for all editions is 280 As I scroll through the first dozen reviews ALL of them are one or two star ratings This has to be the biggest bomb I've ever seen for a long anticipated book by a popular author I don't know what happened to Jean Auel's writing skills in the hiatus but this book is purely awful The dialogue is worse than the worst chick lit I've ever read and the story is confusing and just plain BORING I know the lady did a lot of research but where were her editors She didn't have to make this an epic If she wanted to share what she'd learned about the painted caves she could have done that in a much shorter book Bummer dude Back to the library it goes for the next eager person in line