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Read eBook Å The Sheikh's Secret Babies Mass Market Paperback ´ gwairsoft ¶ [PDF] ✅ The Sheikh's Secret Babies Author Lynne Graham – Twin royal heirs Prince Jaul of Marwan's royal duty is to marry a suitable bride But first he must divorce the woman who betrayed him LRning between them Manageable Discovering The Sheikh's ePUB #199 he has two royal heirs Impossible Devastated when her handsome prince deserted her Chrissie Whitaker's beautiful twin babies were A good book Absolutely much better than book one of this series I have read it so many times that to me it has to be a great book for me to invest all this timeI will tell you a few of the reasons I love this book so much and feel it is beyond underrated This couple was real than almost any that I read about Yes he was a prince when they married and now a king but he is very loving and down to earth She was his ueen but she preferred just being his loving wife which she did He spent a long time fighting for Chrissie because she was attracted to him as he was her but she was very turned off by his partying and playboy reputation He changed those things to have a chance with her It took a long while but he waited When this man knew he had been wrong and believed the wrong person he was uick to admit it to her and seek forgiveness He was the ideal man of my dreams and celibate for the two years they were apart even thinking they were not legally wedPrince Jaul of Marwan's royal duty is to marry as he has now been crowned King since his father's death Unfortunately he just found out that his father had lied to him about his marriage two years ago telling Jaul it was not 'legal' and many other horrific untruths so he finds out now that what his father told him was untrue but he still thinks he must have done that for all the right reasons Now he must divorce the only woman he has ever loved who was a shameful scoundrel as per his father He believes the worst in her the very worst and all she ever did was love him with her whole heartI read this four times in two and a half months Now it is up to thirteen times and I just keep re reading it I love it that much Chrissie Whitaker has been devastated since her handsome prince walked out on her two years ago leaving her with only one choice drop out of school Her heart was crushed when he left her and she is not only broken but financially broke and pregnant with twins his twins He never found out because his dishonest father made sure the Marwan's Consulate was forbidden to give out his number or contact information and would not pass on her many many messages She had tried to reach him for so long without any successFind out what happens when he travels to the UK to tell his 'wife' in person that they are still married and he wants a divorce so he can remarry although he really hasn't chosen a bride yet Since he is now King his country is awaiting him to make a choiceSafety Gang This is a safe book and they were both celibate during their two year separation

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The only balm to her broken heart Now Jaul will stop at nothing to claim his legitimate heirs but can Chrissie forget their painful past and recognize him as her husband in every sense of the word This is kind of a book where everything goes wrong It has some old school drama and angst of LG I liked the heroine I loved it that both of them were celibate during their two years of separation

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The Sheikh's Secret BabiesTwin royal heirs Prince Jaul of Marwan's royal duty is to marry a suitable bride But first he must divorce the woman who betrayed him Locating his estranged wife Easy The intense passion still bu I really don't like sheikh stories I find it hard to believe that the rulers of all these tiny middle eastern countries want to marry English women And seriously the cultural differences are just plain ignored most of the time Add in the fact that I also don't like made up countries in my HPs I'm talking about you Royalty romances and this book already had two strikes against it But it is Lynne Graham who is my favorite HP author This one was decent perfectly readable I did like that the heroine didn't just roll over when the hero showed up again Although like another reviewer said I did think it was weird that the heroine felt she had to give up her education when she got pregnant Sure she couldn't get to her own money but her brother in law was rich and was paying for her education anyway and she shared her sister's nanny As is usual with LG there are babies int this book Sometimes I wonder why she always puts them in since the H and h almost always completely ignore them other than the H blackmailing the h to remarry him by threatening to take them away Some of the situations are pretty contrived but all in all it's very readable since it is LG after all