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eBook ó ePub No Substitute for Murder Subbing isnt for Sissies #1 ç Ö Carolyn J. Rose Ö ➷ [Reading] ➹ No Substitute for Murder Subbing isnt for Sissies #1 By Carolyn J. Rose ➬ – Gwairsoft.co.uk If you enjoy this book check out the seuels NO SUBSTIf you enjoy this book check out for Murder PDFEPUB #233 the seuels NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MONEY and NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MATURITY Divorced from a philandering con man and downsized from her job as a talk radio show producer Barbara Reed is desperate for money She’s got a mortgage a college loan an aging car and a ten pound dog named Cheese Puff With her unemployment checks running out she signs on as a high school substitute teacher I’ll start by admitting I met Carolyn J Rose when I took a writing class from her I just finished No Substitute for Murder which I think is her best book yet I don’t want to waste a lot of time giving you a synopsis You can read other reviews for that What I will tell you is that this book had me laughing from the first paragraph right down to the last line Murder does that to me I guess when it is written by Carolyn J Rose Yes there are some tense scenes mixed in with the wild ones lest you think it is all fluffAlthough there were many great scenes there is one so fabulous that I snorted water through my nose in a restaurant slapped a hand over my mouth and attempted to stifle the guffaws bursting between my fingers If you have ever broken up with a boyfriend or husband or know someone who has this scene may affect you the same way The ex husband is literally caught with his pants down and the very likeable protagonist gets to be a “fly on the wall” This is a must readGetting back to the fluff; Carolyn has added a character by the name of Cheese Puff who is precious and pampered except when faced with murderous villains He was adorable and if it weren’t for my cats I’d consider getting a puppy just like himI highly recommend this book

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Showgirl widow of a reputed mobster a trash scavenging derelict and members of the Cheese Puff Care and Comfort Committee Barb struggles to keep a grip on her job her Substitute for Murder Kindle #212 sanity and her freedom Notice This mystery contains no vampires werewolves zombies or space aliens It was not tested on laboratory animals It makes no claims to political correctness Characters may not be fully clothed at all times A heroin with whom you cannot bond totally improbable scenario but enough humor to keep you reading

Carolyn J. Rose ½ No Substitute for Murder Subbing isnt for Sissies #1 ePub

No Substitute for Murder Subbing isnt for Sissies #1And learns what stress is all about When she finds history teacher Henry Stoddard No Substitute eBook #10003 strangled with his own outdated tie her stress level soars into the red zone Then she’s assigned to cover his classes Stoddard was a bully and a blackmailer The list of suspects is a long one and police put Barb at the top When she discovers a second body the noose of circumstantial evidence tightens With help from the I loved loved loved this book As a teacher myself and someone who subbed for a while as well including a long term subbing assignment before I got my full teaching credentials I could really relate to Barbara's adventures in subbing Rose really gets those details rightI love Carolyn Rose's writing style; she has a very natural voice in relating the elements of the story and she created such wonderful characters with just the right amount of details to give me clear pictures of each of those characters The mystery embedded within the story was okay; it wasn't my favorite part What kept me turning the pages were the character studies and the great details of Barbara's life In fact I would have loved the book even without the mystery What I did like about the mystery was that it didn't overwhelm the rest of the story and it was pretty realistic even with the sudden twist thrown in during the teachers' lounge conversation toward the end of the story I also liked that while Barbara was involved in the mystery she didn't become an amateur sleuth that cracked the case wide open through her superior investigative skills And I hope she doesn't turn into one of those in future stories in the series I want to see of her teaching adventures take center stageI will DEFINITELY be following this series Can't wait to see what other subbing adventures await Barbara and to meet up with the simply divine Mrs B and Cheese Puff again