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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Kingdom Come à [Reading] ➶ Kingdom Come By Elliot S. Maggin – 1998 1st Ed AspectTWIt is the early years of the Twenty First Century Without the guidance and values long championed by the old guard Superman Batman and Wonder Woman a younger generation of super he st Ed AspectTWIt is the early years of the1998 1st Ed AspectTWIt is the early years of the Twenty First Century Without the guidance and values long championed by the old guard Superman Batman and Wonder Woman a younger generation of super heroes is ravaging the world But when the Man of Steel returns This is such a confusing bookreview for me Everything is here that should make me really like or love this book great reviews and high rating creative writing bleakness a focus on Superman and he's in his full power interesting storyline so what was the issue? It was hard to stay focused easy to put down and I was happy to have it finished It's a future story of the dark days ahead of the DC Universe which should have been difficult for me to relinuishThe story is told through the narration of Norman McCay a small time but wise pastor but I think an issue was the lag before getting to the meat and heart of the story taking too long to propel my interest At first I was willing to ride in his head but eventually I was eager for something to start happening He's a likeable character but the prophetic speaking grew tiresome Religion plays in this book a lot; it's a blend of the Revelation as told by John and the Superheroes and world at stake The main base is the three largest characters Superman Wonder Woman Batman what they have been doing during a 10 year hiatus and how their differing views clash when they must come together again to save the world from an appending destruction Superman has one of the tragic tales after losing those closest to him through death he turns his back on the city he vowed to protect after they refused to listen to him Coming back is awkward as he's trying to fit his consistent views in a world that's moved on its own without him even if the world doing that is not possible and leaving was the worst thing he could have done Wonder Woman and her people consider her a failure and she is struggling to make the right decisions based on past errors And finally Batman has grown jaded and cynical still wanting the best but having less faith in the old system of the Justice League being the way to do itI think it was around page 70 or so before we finally glimpse Superman and the mains in their present day; while it was a full strength scene by this point I was a little bored When Superman is shown it's glorious although he has long donned the Clark Kent persona Even Kryptonite can barely touch him at this point yes yay to that Batman is intriguing in his future state physically broken down but he's overcome that through intellect in his power and in control of Gotham something which surprises no fan The mere scene with Arthur in Atlantis was especially interesting I'm not a fan of Wonder Woman although she's here a lot and her scenes were well done I like future stories that are realistic with the heroes and found that part fascinating Of course there is a taint of sadness shadowing this Maggin's writes well poetically but sometimes too dry and distant for this telling The battle was climactic the build up interesting the moral lessons of the story potent how long will the world survive without the Justice League and how much damage can it accidentally cause with its existence?Between the pauses through Norman's point of view which give a distant emotion a lot of hopping around to almost every character imaginable some tiredness with the lagging between story lines it just failed to hold my interest enough to get a higher rating despite being a powerful and well done story As I figured the last uarter was the best part of the bookThere were some surprisingly twisted tragic ends to beloved characters You can't write a bleak future without bleakness though and that carried strong impact There's a relationship that changes to a closer level between two mains too which I'm rather meh about but know some fans root for Despite it making some sense it's not a pairing I like at allI haven't read the graphic novel version of this; that is also highly rated I may bond with that one

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From self imposed exile his very presence could be the catalyst that pushes us all into Armageddon Seen through the eyes of Norman McCay an aging minister who embarks on a disturbing odyssey of revelation with an angel known as the Spectre to guide him Kingdom Adapted by Elliot S Maggin the Kingdom Come novelization strikes me as less a novel unto itself and of a bonus feature for those who enjoyed the comic series enough to read almost 400 pages of story retread from a slightly different point of view I'm afraid that this Kingdom Come novel is not the best showcase for any writer's talents The story is so locked in that there is very little room for Maggin to stretch his wings and do anything new or creative You could argue that this type of book is not the venue for such creativity and I'd be hard pressed to argue with you To me it seemed like instead of embracing that fact Maggin went in and gave us really unnecessary details around the edges of the book as a substitute For example an extended seuence where the narrator of the story pastor Norman McCay tells us his family has a history of premonitions like the ones he begins to experience at the beginning of the novel This seuence is entirely too much information It doesn't move the plot anywhere remotely interesting and in my own opinion makes McCay's acceptance of the remarkable nature of his association with the superheroes a little less dramatic than it could be Again that's my opinion I am positive that there are legions of readers who bought this novelization precisely for those little details; it seems to be Kingdom Come's stock in trade In point of fact one of the truly amazing aspects of the original comic series was artist Ross' compendious knowledge of the DC Universe In his hyper realistic style Ross inserted all sorts of easter eggs for the eagle eyed fanboy and girl A background character with no speaking lines would if the reader was savvy enough in the ways of superhero lore be easily identified as an elderly Captain Boomerang or Plastic Man These hidden references were part of the fun of the Kingdom Come comic book but part of that fun was how little attention was brought to them You either picked them up as you read or you didn't Knowing that background character with the top hat was Ross and Waid's reimagining of Zatara would not affect your reading either way Prose doesn't operate in the same fashion or at least the prose here does not What could go unremarked in a wide panel and act as a small nod to continuity or character must be mentioned explicitly in a novel to give it any meaningIf you're interested in those extra details I will say that Maggin's Kingdom Come is an absolute treasure trove As a fan of the original comic I found all sorts of interesting bits and pieces sprinkled throughout this book Background characters like Power Woman and The Ray are given room to breathe and in particular I found Maggin's take on Kingdom Come's version of Hawkman to be well thought out and far interesting than the handful of panels the character is given in the comic book There are also many small wrinkles that Maggin's given the chance to address that would have slowed the comic down to a screeching halt I particularly enjoyed his explanation about why the futuristic Legion of Super Heroes doesn't come back and give humanity a helping hand as well as the death of Clark Kent something left entirely unaddressed in the comic

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Kingdom ComeCome is the story of what defines a hero in a world spinning inexorably out of controlof the heroes who adapted to that changing world and those who couldn'tof personal battles fought with inner demons and the final war that would determine the fate of our plan I bought this book on a whim from the local library sale I have read the graphic novels several times so I thought I might read this to see how the novelization turned out Overall it turned out better than I expected There were some slow spots but for the most part it followed the comic books rather well Obviously it goes into a different level of depth and detail on the one hand than the comics mainly due to the comic panels being loaded with 'Easter eggs' and nods to the fans The book has to explain things using words instead of pictures 'no way' right? so it will give some of the background information to each scene so that the reader can get an image in their mind's eye The comic book format is awesome filled with beautiful artwork I would definitely say to read the comic format first Then the novelizationThe book is set in the 'near future' actually the turn of 'this' century in which the metahuman population has run wild Both in size and in behavior The heroes of old have either gone into retirement or disappeared completely from public life The next generation of heroes their heirs to the throne never learned any of the 'life lessons' their forerunners and parents may have tried to teach them Metahumans battle each other just for the sake of fighting; life is now considered cheap especially the lives of normal people Laws that apply to normal people do not apply to the metahumans Superman has been missing for ten years having gone into isolation view spoiler feeling betrayed and rejected after Lois Lane was killed and the killer of his wife's killer was set free by a jury hide spoiler