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kindle Í Bhujia Barons Kindle Edition read ¾ pavitra kumar á ❮Epub❯ ➞ Bhujia Barons ➝ Author Pavitra Kumar – How a family run business from humble Bikaner transformed Haldiram into a global much loved brandIn the early twentieth century a young man Ganga BhishAverage business story it’s chock full of family drama with court cases jealousy fuelled regional expansion a decades old trademark battle and a closely guarded family secret of the famous bhujia Fast paced and captivating this book provides a delicious look into family business dynamics and the Indian way of doing busines An interesting readAn interesting read about an unnoticed behemoth of a company Very smartly titled which is the main reason I got to reading this it chronologically describes the journey of the companyIt’s informative than inspirational Recommended to those who like business origin stories and entrepreneurship stuff

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How a family run business from humble Bikaner transformed Haldiram into a global much loved brandIn the early twentieth century a young man Ganga Bhishan Agarwal aka Haldiram gained a reputation for making the best bhujia in town Fast forward a century and the Haldiram’s empire has revenue much greater than that of McDonald Not Spicy EnoughGrowing up as a Marwari in Calcutta with the bhujia as an integral part of the diet Haldiram’s and Bhikharam Chandmal were and still hold an extremely important position in one’s life Hence it was only natural to want to explore the story behind the same through Pavitra Kumar’s Bhujia BaronsThe book traces the genesis of the humble bhujia one of the most common snacks in large parts of India except the South maybe and the hard earned success of the family which immortalised this snack – the family of Haldiram Ji It provides a lot of interesting snippets on how the product came about the initial struggles the various experiments and the expansion of the business from one tiny shop in Bikaner to a vast sprawling branded snacks business across the country The book presents a reasonable chronology of the defining events which led to the creation of this complex empire with multiple distinct ownerships overlapping geographies and confusing brand story What is most interesting about the book is how it brings out the key drivers behind the success of the brand – customer centricity product expansion geographic expansion and packaging It also brings out the work ethic of the founding family which seems to pervade the business even as the 3rd generation takes chargeThe book does not shy away from talking about the two key controversies with the brand – the criminal acts of Prabhu Agarwal the scion of one of the Calcutta branches and the decades long brand ownership battle which languishes in the courts On the first the author does make a credible attempt to provide the background to the attempted murder of a poor chaiwallah on the second it fails to go beyond conjecture on the genesis of the brand battle In general the book seems like a chronological narrative than the story of bhujia and the first family of bhujia Besides the writing suffers from excessive platitudes and generalisations especially about how Marwari families function and uses this as a framework to justify most actions or inactions of the Agarwal family The author also misses large chunks of the story by providing at best a perfunctory reference to other successful brands within the group including Bikaji’s and Bhikharam Chandmal It indeed is a complex story which is still being played out in the present tense Hence one cannot but imagine the challenge faced by the author However one does come away with a sense of unsatiated appetite due to the author’s lack of imaginative structuring and failure to ask tough uestions A missed opportunity

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Bhujia Barons’s and Domino’s combinedIn Bhujia Barons Pavitra Kumar tells the riveting story of the Agarwal family in its entirety a feat never managed before It begins in dusty benign Bikaner and traces the rise and rise of this home grown label now one of the most recognized Indian brands in the worldThe Haldiram’s story is not an A riveting and engaging story of the Agrawal clan which built and owns the various versions of Haldiram brands in different parts of the country Nagpur being my hometown where the second biggest branch of the Haldiram brand is based the brand is ubiuitous and much loved and I grew up hearing about and seeing the members of its family at close uarters in community functions I was all the curious to know its origins and what made it so successful Along with hard work which is a hygiene factor for all successful family businesses it was the ability to think long term and an intuitive understanding of the importance of branding packaging and distribution that took the brand ahead of the game and sealed its pole position on the totem poleThe 5000 crore empire the book talks about is not really that though; while the combined turnover of the various brands under the Haldiram umbrella may be that figure they might as well be completely different companies given that they are run independently with no connection on paper whatsoever The book covers the story of the brand from all possible angles and in sufficient detail the family's origins and how it branched and fanned out the toil and hard work and the broad seuence of events that built the brand into what it is today the charitable ventures of the family the constant intra familial clashes typical of Indian business families which led to continuous divisions the shady past of one particular member the epic battle for the Haldiram trademark that has raged for 24 yours and shows no sign of concluding and the vision and drive of the current generation of the family that aims to professionalize the business and take it to the next level Even the family's social values customs and beliefs have been given space