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Mobi ´ The Grief Keeper ´ 256 pages ↠ Alexandra villasante ↠ [Ebook] ➧ The Grief Keeper By Alexandra Villasante – This stunning YA debut is a timely and heartfelt speculative narrative about healing faith and freedomSeventeen year old Marisol has always dreamed of beingAt an unusual opportunity to stay in the United States She's asked to become a grief keeper taking the grief of another into her own body to save a life It's a risky experimental study but if it means Marisol can keep her sister safe she will risk anything She just never imagined one of the risks would be falling in love a love that may even be powerful enough to finally help her face her own crushing griefThe Grief Keeper is a tender tale that explores the heartbreak and conseuences of when both love and human beings are branded illeg I can already say that this will be on my list as one of my top and most impactful reads of the year and it’s only May I’ve not read too many books lately that can bring me to shed both happy and sad tears as well as make me drop my jaw and cause me to put the book down for moments so I could collect my thoughts And although the title would suggest that ‘The Grief Keeper’ is filled with sadness it also brings with it a bright message of love and hopeThe novel opens with seventeen year old Marisol being interviewed in a federal border detention center having just crossed into the US after fleeing El Salvador with her younger sister Gabi afraid for their lives after the death of their brother Pablo She has dreamed for years for a life in the States perfecting her English and getting lost in the imaginary world of her favorite TV show ‘Cedar Hollow’ When it looks like her asylum reuest will be denied and a new and curious opportunity to have it granted arises Marisol will do just about anything for her and her sister to make that happen And that’s by becoming a ‘grief keeper’Debut author Alexandra Villasante has written an expertly crafted novel about the complexities of immigration grief sexual orientation PTSD depression and new love There are even nuanced topics woven in such as attitudes towards immigrants legal and otherwise being hired to do menial jobs in this country our political climate and how the LGBT community suffers in other countries ie which would cause a young girl like Marisol to flee her homeThis story gives so many deep complex topics to talk and think about but at the core there is this beautiful story about Marisol and Rey grieving her own brother who are discovering their relationship with each other including Marisol who would never have been allowed to explore this part of her back in the country she has fled Persecution of LGBT youth and ‘conversion by rape’ is brought into the spotlight and from this story of family and migration I was enlightened and educatedThis is a novel about connections as well as grief and Villasante sheds light on PTSD and gives new meaning to the idea of taking someone else’s pain away so they don’t have to suffer There are serious moral and ethical uestions to the procedure that’s used so that Marisol will absorb Rey’s grief and pain this actually brings uite a futuristic aspect to a very realistic story which I really liked and shows the extent that Marisol will go to gain entry to the US and it’s heartbreaking I read this book and I felt so many different emotions and the very fact that it’s able to envelope immigration criticism discussion on sexual identity loss classism plus a loving sister relationship AND a sci fi twist make it a VERY special book I think it belongs on every school and YA library shelf everywhere and I hope many people will pick it up even if it’s initially because of the insanely gorgeous cover thanks to Kaethe Butcher and Kelley Brady and that they end up holding it close to their heartsTrigger warningsmentions sexual assault suicidal ideation violence bombing PTSD

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And stealing across the US border as an illegal but after her brother is murdered and her younger sister Gabi's life is also placed in eual jeopardy she has no choice especially because she knows everything is her fault If she had never fallen for the charms of a beautiful girl named Liliana Pablo might still be alive her mother wouldn't be in hiding and she and Gabi wouldn't have been caught crossing the borderBut they have been caught and their asylum reuest will most certainly be denied With truly no options remaining Marisol jumps The Grief Keeper is a contemporary story with sci fi aspects following Marisol a Salvadorian lesbian who fled her country for her life together with her younger sister Gabi To legally stay in the US she is forced to take part in a program in which she'll have to bear the weight of someone else's grief all of this while dealing with her own traumaI feel weird about calling this a sci fi book It is one because it features technology that doesn't exist in our reality and it's not like sci fi isn't made for commenting on current relevant issues It's just that I'm used to having layers of unreality between a sci fi book's reality and our own What makes The Grief Keeper so heart wrenching is knowing that if this technology did exist this is exactly what would happen less privileged people would have to bear the weight of privileged people's traumaThere is a part of this book in which a character says that if this program is successful it will “ease a lot of suffering” Marisol's well being is barely considered and if it is it's just to ensure that she still exists to protect the other subject the privileged white American Rey from her depressionIt's a painful read a necessary one and yet it's so hopeful This is not a tragedy even though some of the characters are forced to endure things no one should have to The circumstances are horrible but the relationships between the characters are the light in the darkness for them Marisol and Gabi's sibling bond was so well written and layered Marisol wants to protect her sister and her sister is what she is surviving for; Gabi loves Marisol but also wants to break free to rebel like someone on the cusp of teenagehood wouldI also loved the romance I didn't know if I would because Marisol is falling in love with the other subject Rey the girl whose trauma she has to re experience over and over This could have turned ugly really easily and it didn't We see this connection build slowly help Marisol with her internalized self loathing about being a lesbian help Rey in many ways the technology she didn't consent to either could have never and it's beautiful Their scenes in the last 30% of the book were everythingThere were so many ways this could have gone wrong It could have been a romance cures mental illness story and it wasn't; it could have had an ugly power dynamic and it didn't There was only one thing I didn't like only one thing in the whole book this book didn't shy away from psychiatric medications' side effects like many YA books dealing with mental illness do but it does somewhat fall in the opposite cliché with one uote medication turns you into a zombie Marisol says that the medication she's taking is working as intended which means that she is still anxious and depressed but has no will While it could be that this is a sci fi medication meant to do exactly that the book says that Rey is taking SSRIs and implies that her and Marisol are taking the same pills That's not how antidepressants work Maybe some people experience this as a side effect and the book meant to show that while also implying Marisol doesn't know she's experiencing side effects I don't know I really would have liked clarification about thisOne of the things that meant a lot to me was how The Grief Keeper talked about bilingualism The main character is a Spanish native speaker and English is her second language Across different first languages it was interesting to see how our feelings about English were similar and for once it's so great to see a main character who has gone through the same things I do with language struggling with idioms with figures of speech; feeling like she has to be perfect because anything less than perfection in an ESL speaker is a sign of ignorance to monolingual speakers who don't know a word of your language; the way we both have a relationship with language that people who don't have to be fluent into two languages can't understand The amount of Spanish in this book and the way it isn't necessarily translated every single time made me happyAnother thing I loved was how Marisol and Rey connected over a fictional TV show and how their understanding of their own ueerness was also shaped by that show I think that fandom has an important place in many ueer people's journey of self discovery in a way that goes deeper than pop culture references built into a story to be relatable and I love when books reflect thatI was also surprised by several things a slight twist in the ending I won't talk about for obvious reasons and the character of Indranie She is an Indian American woman and I thought that what this book did with her and the way she is complicit in Marisol's suffering and yet not portrayed as a fully bad person was such an interesting direction to takeAs this book deals with a lot of heavy themes both in the present timeline and especially in the flashbacks I'm going to post my list of content warnings here under a spoiler tag because they're potentially spoiler y I don't think they are and I still recommend reading them but to be sure view spoileron page suicide attempt depressive thoughts rape threats and threats of homophobic violence homophobic slurs in both English and Spanish detention psychological abuse of a minor at the hand of a doctor discussion of trauma and grief and the main characters have to deal with racist and xenophobic rhetoric and with the way the US treats latinx immigrants hide spoiler

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The Grief KeeperThis stunning YA debut is a timely and heartfelt speculative narrative about healing faith and freedomSeventeen year old Marisol has always dreamed of being American learning what Americans and the US are like from television and Mrs Rosen an elderly expat who had employed Marisol's mother as a maid When she pictured an American life for herself she dreamed of a life like Aimee and Amber's the title characters of her favorite American TV show She never pictured fleeing her home in El Salvador under threat of death The Grief PDFEPUB or This is a beautifully written and touching story about two sisters seeking asylum in America to escape death threats Marisol would protect her younger sister Gabi at all costs so she agrees to become part of an experiment that has as aim to relieve someone from negative feelings by donating them to a recipient Marisol For a while there I actually believed something like that might be possible The author made everything sound so real Her telling tugged at my heart—she really has a way with words Besides this sounds like something scientists would work to develop Anything to rid people of their bad feelings But some feelings must be felt and dealt with in order to understand ourselves and our needs betterI also enjoyed Marisol and Gabi’s interactions I am all for sisterly dynamics and even bickering especially now that my brother has moved out and I have no sibling left to annoy and be annoyed by It’s nostalgic for me You know what else is beautiful though The way the LGBTIA theme is developed and the relationship between Marisol and her ‘‘donor’’ It’s a slow burn romance that is worth waiting for and easy to believe in This book should be getting much attention I would be outraged at its under the radar status but I also love discovering hidden gems so you can see my dilemma Regardless please read it You will not regret it Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’