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Free Intoxicating kindle ï eBook ↠ Onley James ê ❰KINDLE❯ ❀ Intoxicating Author Onley James – What he really lacks is disciplineLINCOLN HUDSON has just been handed the easiest job in the world Babysit the spoiled son of a conservative senator keep him out of trouble and receivWhat he really lacks is disciplineLINCOLN HUDSON has just been handed the easiest job in the world Babysit the spoiled son of a conservative senator keep him out of trouble and receive a six figure paycheck A paycheck he desperately needs Wyatt’s father claims he needs Linc’s firm hand and discipline One look at him and Linc agrees Wyatt needs disciplineBeing the closeted gay son of a family values senator has left WYATT EDGEWORTH with a reckless stre This was a wonderful debut novel The characters were well developed the feelings were raw and full of anguish It's told from dual POV and is amazing hurtcomfort read This book contains mentions that may be triggers to others PTSD off page noncon conversion therapy self harm addiction parental mental and physical abuse Ms James made me feel both men's pain and made me wish to help them It caused so many emotions from me while reading it from rage to deep sorrow And that's the best kind of book to me This also contains Daddy kink which was amazingly done Wyatt is considered the troubled wild child What could be possibly going wrong in the life of a spoiled rich brat? But if you look close enough you will see a young man on the verge of giving up There is only but so much neglect and hurt one person can take I wanted to hug him most of the time Yes he did behave badly at times but it all felt like attempts for somebody to notice that Wyatt was hurting on the inside With abusive father and uncaring mother Wyatt had no one to turn to Linc is here to do a job It might be boring to babysit a young spoiled man but he needs the money desperately to not care But the problem is that he starts caring too much way too fast What he sees is a man with no direction and such a big need for love only Linc can provide Both men try to resist but it's futile What starts as a fling to get it out of their system becomes an anchor that guides and grounds them both Wyatt finally feels safe and wanted and Linc's demons are defeated by the shy smile of a beautiful young man There were so many passionate and heartfelt moments so many times I wanted to reach into my kindle and do Wyatt's father bodily harm the most detestable monster in creation I loved Charlie Wyatt's best friend for her humor and support She nudged both men to come together and then it was all she wrote This was a story of healing finding love and acceptance and breaking free Daddy Linc gave his Boy Wyatt a safe harbor to finally come home to I loved it so much I highly recommend it Copy received for my honest and unbiased review

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S never an option but with each passing day their feelings only grow Will they risk it all for what’s supposed to be a harmless fling?INTOXICATING is the first book in the Elite Protection Services Series and contains age gap Daddy kink and BDSM elements complete with a HEA and no cliffhangersWarning This book contains scenes which may trigger some people including self harm suicide attempt past and present physical abuse and implied past sexual violenc I love these types of stories and thought this one sounded good though I was a little worried it was the same old same old I was pleasantly surprised that wasn’t the case and I ended up really enjoying it despite some of the heartbreaking aspects Linc is in a bit of a spot He takes on the job of bodyguard in exchange for a big payout something of which he needs for family matters He isn’t looking forward to essentially being a babysitter for what appears to be a spoiled brat but hey he needs the money What he doesn’t expect and what he learns pretty uickly is that there is a lot to the story where Wyatt is concernedWe get an idea of what Wyatt has been through when we meet his horrendous excuse for a father but that only touches the surface Thank goodness Linc doesn’t hesitate to get involved It starts out with him trying to provide Wyatt with the structure he so desperately needs but as time goes on he learns and to explain Wyatt’s issues and actions Wyatt is a sweetheart His father forced him into the closet and forced him to hide everything about him that didn’t fit his father’s perfect image I loved him from the get go and just wanted him to find some peace and a place in the world that was his own Linc was the complete opposite approving encouraging and basically allowing Wyatt to shine Linc is fabulous with Wyatt does his best to protect him and is there to pick up pieces whenever any fall Their chemistry is never in doubt and the light kink mostly Daddy stuff with some spanking and light bondage was sexy and funLinc is dealing with his own issues – PTSD from his time in the military but it doesn’t take long for Linc and Wyatt to find a way to make things work and to help each other I loved that Wyatt did research on how to handle Linc’s PTSD Wyatt’s has his own issues of self harmsuicidal thoughts etc which were heartbreaking but completely understandable It was nice to see Wyatt being able to provide something essential that Linc needed as well although I did love seeing Linc take care of his boy 🙂I really enjoyed the writing style here Nothing specific to put my finger on other than it just read very smoothly keeping me turning pages effortlessly Extra points are given for Wyatt’s seemingly one and only friend the super sassy and ballsy Charlie and I am dying to know about Linc’s boss and friend Jackson This is a first for me by this author but I will definitely be looking for in the future Review written for Love Bytes Reviews

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IntoxicatingAk and a love of partying that just cost him eight months of his life and might cost his father his re election So now he has a babysitter A very sexy babysitterWhen Wyatt drunkenly tells Linc he’d make an excellent Daddy they reach an understanding Wyatt gets a Daddy and Linc gets a paycheck then they go their separate ways For this to work discretion is key but with a reporter dogging Wyatt’s every move that might prove impossibleStaying together wa I don't know how this is Onley James' first adult mm romance book It's too good But seriously where has this author been because WOW I was super impressed with this debut story from Onley James This story just had a perfect blend of so many excellent elements daddy kink age gap first time hurtcomfort bodyguard falls for his job Linc is ex military still recovering from some pretty serious PTSD and is working for his friend Jackson who also served with him Linc has what he thinks is a pretty easy case protect some rich kid the son of a senator and collect a check He doesn't expect to meet someone who is perfectly suited for him brings out all of his dominating protective and Daddy instincts and for feelings to come into play Wyattoh Wyatt my heart just broke for him and what he has lived through He had a pretty rough childhood and at only 22 is being horribly controlled by his father I would give a warning that this does deal with self harm and conversion therapy which isn't given as a warning I loved Wyatt and I was rooting for him through the whole story to find his way out from under his father's awful ruleWyatt and Linc together were just FIRE Seriously hot hot hot Scorchingly so What starts as just some easy hook ups while Line is protecting Wyatt becomes so much and I just loved the two of these men together Linc is just a great Daddy for Wyatt in all aspects and I just completely loved every minute of reading this story Also shout out to Charlie being the best friend EVER Interested in both Jackson and Linc's sister completely supportive of her best friend calling Linc Lincoln Log and Missing Linc and just being an all around badass awesome character I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in this series seriously this is an author to be on the watch for I think we will get great things from herI received an arc in exchange for an honest review