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Terly confused to find herself in Half Upon Kindle the midst of the fairy tale characters she has read about But Jack and May have in common than they realize and together they embark on a hilarious and wild adventre in this highly accessible modern middle grade fantasy nov. 45 stars This was a funny mixed up fairytale retelling full of humor and adventure and magical objects and fairytale creatures and lost sarcasm A sad thing indeed that The tone of the book is lighthearted and funny and well simply put I loved it My biggest complaint is how open ended it was It left so many uestions unanswered so many mysteries unsolved sigh But according to the author's website the seuel is going to be published in April '12 and it involves mermen and pirates and Neverland and chocolate You can't go wrong with chocolate now can you

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Half Upon a Time Half Upon a Time #1In this hilarious fractured fairy tale series from New York Times bestselling author James Riley Jack and “punk princess” May must navigate twists and turns unlike anything you’ve seen beforeJack lives in a fantasy world Really He's the son of the infamous Jack who stol. To start with I have never really written a review before so this is my first I'd first like to apologize for any mistakes or childish comments if there are any and I know there areBut of course this is a book review so about the book in my opinionCHARACTERSI just have to say that I just adored all of the characters in the book Every single one of them even the least important ones The characters were very lively and their dialogue suits them perfectlyJACK Jack is my number one favorite character He's so adorable and witty that I wished I could just pop into the book and sueeze his cheeks I love how he's so clueless on one part then he's all like business and serious in never I just adored himMAY I have to say that I LOVE how sarcastic May is I can't even find words to describe how AMAZING she is She so totally belongs with Jack;DPHILLIP Out of all my favorite princes in any fantasy book Phillip is my number one favorite My favorite part that he's in is when he challenges Jack to a formal dualI also love how in troubling situations he can still be polite and calmXDPLOTThe storyline is perfect The twist and the turns is what makes this book a real page turner This book is the true dictionary definition of a fractured fairy tale It's like one of those daytime TV shows with lots of mysteries and betrayal it makes you want to read MOREDid I mention that this book is a total page turning If not did you know that this book is a total page turner From the beginning the book automatically gets you hooked Then when May unexpectedly falls from the sky and lands about a foot from Jack's outstretched hand you know you must continue reading But it doesn't end there Jack's grandfather brings out a chair and makes a joke about a having to wake up to seeing his face then falls off laughing like a lunatic even though his own grandson could have had a concoction you automatically know you must drive to Barnes and Noble and buy the second book even though you didn't finish the first book You should also buy the third book while you're there tooFAVORITESand other stuff I hadn't coveredI just adore Jack's grandfatherespecially at the end as much as Homer Simpson loves food and beer And that is a lot Am I right or am I rightThere's also those village boysJustin especially and May's fairy Some parts of the book I forget that she's still on May's head Then when she's mention I'm all like OH she's still on May's head Even after May rode on the back of the Wolf King which could have blown her off WOWCOOOOOOL Though the witches cottage part creeped me out I love how cute but dumb Jack licks the wall then passes out The description of Malevolent's castle is so visual and well detailedBut overall the entire book was AMAZINGLY AWESOMEIt is a total page turnerXD

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Half Upon a Time (Half Upon a Time #1) Free read Ô 102 ´ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Half Upon a Time (Half Upon a Time #1) By James Riley ⚣ – Gwairsoft.co.uk In this hilarious fractured fairy tale series from New York Times bestselling author James Riley Jack and “punk princess” May must navigate twists and tE the magic beans from the giant and he's working hard to restore his family's reputation He finds the perfect opportunity when a “princess” lands in front of him apparently from the land of Punk as her Punk Princess sweatshirt implies May is from our world and she’s ut. Oh My GoshStill really sort of blown away by this book I don't really know what to sayFIVE STARS AAAAALLLL THE WAY Can I rate it TEN stars Or FIVE HUNDREDSuch a GREAT BOOK and considering those seem to be hard to find sometimes BONUSI guess I'll start withCharacters May Is sarcastic as is said many times over in the book I always love a good I CAN DO IT MYSELF Sarcastic girl hero in a story and she was everything I praise I LOVE HERJack Was perfect All around in every way THE PERFECT character He was smart clever brave SARCASTIC funny witty and kind I loved every minute of his Mays and Phillips back to back banter and arguments Jack carried the entire story very well without losing my interest at all ApplausePhillip Oh boy Still not uite sure of Phillip From what the reader knows about him so far I like him A bit I still think JACK MAY is the ONLY way to go but his attempts are cute Sort of like 'get over yourself' you know STILL I admire him even though I want to strangle him for putting May into that stupid daze the way he does JACK IS THE ONLY ONE MAYHemhem sorryAll of the supporting characters were just simply FANTASTIC Each one adding their own little spin on the story I love that there ARE NO useless characters even the SEEMINGLY useless oneRelationships Mostly between Jack and May as stated above But I would like to explain someone thatWhat got me so hooked on the two of them was their realistic yet extremely HILARIOUS conversations and sharp remarks They had me going AWWWWWW 3 and other times laughing my face off until I couldn't breath Seriously like my face is gonePlot The plot was pretty much just the icing on the cake because EVERY SINGLE aspect of this book won me over without effort The plot made me gasp laugh cry and want to throw the book across the room Except I was reading it on an E book which is likely what saved it's life ALL AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME I was like 'OH THEIR WINNING Then I was like 'NOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOO But anyway VERY good plot twisting in all of these classical fairy tales and especially some new ones I didn't see coming World building I think the world in this book was great I LOVED the dragon shaped castle I re read that part like four times because I found it so uniue and inspiring Other then that though everything was great The places the forests the castles the magical items Everything had me WANTING MORREEEEAnd now I shall skip off into the magical world of the SECOND BOOK Right after I let my brain calm down after reading this one