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Dynasty of Ghosts ePub ¾ ebook Ê P.L. Nunn Ê ✸ [PDF] ✈ Dynasty of Ghosts By P.L. Nunn ✴ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Illya has always been different fey uiet and cursed with the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead A younger son of a younger son from a backwater mountain province he is a nobody in thIllya has always been different fey uiet and cursed with the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead A younger son of a younger son from a backwater mountain province he is a nobody in the king’s army until he comes to the notice of the Prince Knight himself An enthusiastic and completely deserved five stars for Dynasty of Ghosts To repeat what I said in my update when I'd read about 75% of the book this is the best novel I've read in a long time And I've read some really good books lately I'm very glad I ventured out of my usual preference for Contemporary novels to give this fantasyadventure a tryI have a lot to say about Dynasty of Ghosts and I might be coming back here to edit my review as I continue to get my thoughts in order But here's the most important thing this novel absolutely bewitched me I'm usually a compulsive reader Very fast I have a hard time putting a book down once I've started it But I really could not put this book down I lost lots of sleep over it and didn't regret it The story totally sucked me in yes but the characters enraptured me To say that I cared about them is an understatement Dynasty of Ghosts is a very long book for this genre It's at least twice as long as every other gay romance book I've read over the last three years or so I'm almost always complaining in my reviews of books being too short of scenes not being fully realized so you would think I'd like a much longer presentation And in a way I surely did However I kept thinking that the book should have been edited down I've done my share of editing in my day but try as I might I had a hard time knowing where cuts could have been made There are some obvious sidetracks here and there that could have been eliminated to produce effective streamlining but I'm estimating they would have robbed the story of but five percent of its text No I can only conclude that the length fits and suits the story the author had to tell The story falls naturally into four parts on the battlefield in captivity escaping and at the court The court section can in turn be divided into sections the most important being the interlude at Summerdale not sure of that name The author I'm going to assume the book has one author and that it's a woman but I surely might be wrong takes her time during each part except for the very end but I'll get to that and that's one of the reasons I think this book works so extraordinarily well I cannot imagine the time and effort it took to write this as completely as it's done You've heard of foreplay heightening the pleasure? My goodness this author initiated literary foreplay and kept it going for a long time and never once for me went over the edge took it too far or had me rolling my eyes And I'm very sensitive to thatOne of her greatest accomplishments I think is entwining a fascinating action plot with a decided mystery with the romance I've seen it done poorly I've seen it attempted with goodwill I've seen it done pretty darn well but I've never seen the two components presented so proficiently The relationship between Illya and Ashe is never subsumed by anything else but the movement of the action plot rarely if ever faltersPacing which is another thing altogether was also excellent propelled by the interest I had in the characters Oh there was a pause here and there but that served as a breathing space than anything else Much needed Okay specifics here so for anyone not wanting to read a little bit of spoiler information don't go any furtherSPOILERThere's a lovely irony in the structure in that it basically begins with Ashe's casual seduction of Illya Basically an off stage sex scene in which Illya is taken or less against his willand or less with his cooperation It's a strong foreshadowing of the confusion between the two men that lasts for most of the rest of the book and will probably always be an integral part of Illya's character After this seduction the book ranges far and wide until a good three uarters of the way into the story the two men finally come together again with far different motivation And the journey there is delicious in the extreme For me I can see that some readers might not enjoy this journey I think a person has to be attuned to the MCs and also be a pretty patient reader And like this sort of adventure with paranormal elementsNow the book isn't without flaws Far from it But for me they don't detract from the Five Stars I enthusiastically rate it with If those flaws had been corrected I imagine I would have had to give Dynasty of Ghosts 10 stars instead So here's the thing First off the most minor of problems I don't really understand how a writer who can create this much gorgeous prose with this great understanding of character with this tremendous control of her storylinecan't get her punctuation right Or know when to should actually be too Or get somebody to proofread the story to pick up on missing or extraneous words Or turn sentence fragments into complete sentences The text is NOT rife with these problems They occur occasionally But I'm abnormally sensitive to these kinds of errors The lack of commas when needed did bother me and the stylistic convention of sentence fragments was definitely overused The book would have vaulted to that non existent 6 rating if the author had worked with a careful editor and proofreader I'm still scratching my head over how this happened This is an extraordinarily accomplished writer whocan't punctuate? My mind has a hard time wrapping itself around that conceptBut as another reviewer has said this problem didn't interfere with her enjoyment of the book and I agree with that In time I came to see those problems as a sort of joke that I fondly regarded Most folks won't be bothered by it The important deficiency in Dynasty of Ghosts is in the ending Throughout the entire text which is face it really long the author does a magnificent job of keeping the relationship foremost and giving enough to the hungry for interaction reader to keep her satisfied More than satisfied Until the ending I really really really needed between Ashe and Illya to show that they were okay after the truly thrilling climax Most especially since the author gifts us with an epilogue I needed the epilogue to show me much of the two of them interacting and loving It's there but at a minimum Because of this approach to the ending as well as several plot threads left hanging there is the strong suggestion that the author intended a seuel Since the book was written years ago I think 2002? and one has not appeared I do believe we've seen the last of Illya and Ashe from this writer Fanfiction anybody? With the author's permission only of course There's a third problem that is much less tangible that's really hard to pin down There is a certain satisfaction that the truly great romance novels provide a certain connection between story and reader that leaves the reader with a feeling that she's complete I'm not talking about plot threads here but emotional completeness An understanding of the relationship between the characters of the characters themselves and that the emotional arc of the storyline has rounded onto itself Dynasty of Ghosts comes so close to providing this satisfaction But ultimately it just barely fails This is than the oft heard advice of leaving the audience wanting To me this is a romance novel that doesn't uite manage to scale the pinnacle It sets up that mountain it takes the readers on a thrilling climb up the slopes but then it stops ten feet short Darn it I can only guess that a fully realized ending perhaps including a lengthier epilogue would have done it for me Back to the characters before I end I can imagine that some readers will not be taken in by Ashe at the beginning He's the character who changes the most in the story even considering considerable changes wrought in Illya But I really like the reality of Ashe how the author doesn't pull back from his deficiencies and how she even at times manages to make those deficiencies into positive attributes Very very skillful characterization at work To add a final compliment This book reminds me of Lois McMaster Bujold's science fantasy work She's a Hugo and Nebula award winner and wrote my favorite book ever The Curse of Chalion For me to compare Nunn's work to Bujold's? Best Compliment EverTo conclude a book that encouraged me to write this much about it has got to be really good It's gotten under my skin made me lament that I'm no longer living in that world and has made me permanent friends of Illya and Ashe Dynasty of Ghosts is mature as well as being sophisticated in both concept and execution PL Nunn whoever she is is a very talented author Dynasty of Ghosts receives my highest recommendation

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The spoiled stubborn heir to the kingdom of AldaniaCaught up in a war that has raged for generations between Aldania and a neighboring kingdom captured and imprisoned by a mad king Illya and Prince Ashe discover a history of lies betrayal and assassination and the ghost Changing the voices in your head is not an easy task to unlearn everything that's been pounded into you and honestly there is always tension even when you accept a new ideology This is what Ilya faces as he struggles with Ashe and his feelings For a PL Nunn book this is a breezy stroll with only one violent scene aside from battles There is a uestionable start to their relationship and Ashe does abuse his power but otherwise this is uite sweet That said Ashe's not the brightest bulb in the pack thank goodness he has Lurene for political advisement because he's rash and too self absorb Now ghosts are not generally something I enjoy reading but it was great and a significant portion of the character struggle in this story I kept expecting it to become entwined with the main plot than it did rather than just an auxiliary one Favorite uote He had almost convinced himself that nothing that felt so good that made two people so happy could be considered sinful

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Dynasty of GhostsLy truth beneath it all Opposites in every way they forge a common bond that pain war and betrayal will test to the very limit of their strength To end a dynasty of madness and suffering Illya must embrace the ability he has always hated and look to the dead for answers A very enjoyable read The two leads are wonderful and the ghost plot line is original and engrossing; the world is very fully drawn and richly developed The story was not nearly as violent as Bloodraven though there is a brutal rape scene The book is crazily long my Kindle puts it at over a 1000 pages To be honest I thought it far longer than it has to be for the story it tells though Nunn is such an engaging writer that it doesn’t drag Surprisingly given the length several of the story lines actually felt unfinished for example what happens with King Drane and the Guntharians with Ashe’s father I kept expecting Illya’s family to arrive which they never did I would have loved on the ghosts Mild Spoilers Instead we mostly get the courtship between Illya and Ashe which takes hundreds of pages to reach fruition The two leads are so likable that you don’t mind at all and the sex when it finally arrives is wonderful But I couldn’t help feeling it could have come at any number of points earlier including when they are prisoners of the Guntharians or during their escape and have been almost as satisfying Bottom line I really enjoyed the book but it did not have the same impact on me that Bloodraven did