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All's Faire in Middle SchoolCe until they don't and starts to be embarrassed of her thrift shop apparel her family's unusual lifestyle and their small messy apartment Impy has always thought of herself as a heroic knight but when she does something really mean in order to fit in she begins to wonder whether she might be of a dragon after all Note Some spoilers in hereIn some ways All's Faire in Middle School closely resembles a lot of other middle school stories The protagonist is new in school in this case new TO school and she doesn't have any friends doesn't know how to fit in She finds herself taken in by a kind of mean girls ish in crowd The in crowd girls aren't the best as you can imagine and it doesn't take long for them to show their mean side and to find subtle and not so subtle ways of cutting the protagonist down but the protagonist doesn't uite know how to resolve or get out of the situation The mean girls are mean to someone else the main character is friendly with and the main character finds herself doing some not very nice stuff to impress the mean girls The protagonist's unkindness to a girl who she likes and who is already being bullied by the mean girls is shared with the whole schoolused by the mean girls to humiliate the main character which brings the story to its crisis point Now the protagonist is struggling with being an outcast and having to stand up tosever ties with the popular girls and find a way to make amends with the bullied girlWhat makes this book uniue Imogene or Impy the main character has been homeschooled before going to middle school and she grew up working with her parents at a Renaissance Faire In some gr reviews people said they found Imogene's Ren Faire life to be not very engaging I loved reading about a kid growing up in this environment connected with a lot of uirky and delightful RF people and learning such a uniue set of skills and uite a bit of history and folkore It just all seems pretty interesting Imogene loves her Ren Faire life and responsibilities and family time but sometimes she's resentful of the kind of attention her little brother needs and how that can get in the way with some of the Ren Faire activities she wants to do Her struggle to deal with life as a big sister also creates some of the dramatension in this book So Imogen grows up homeschooled and chooses to go to middle school has a whole set of challenges there She struggles with being a big sister struggles with friendships and the uestion of who she wants to be as a friend and as a sibling Meanwhile she is a suire in training at the Ren Faire and taking on new roles and responsibilities thereThere is also some tension in the book that revolves around a Ren Faire friend of the family who Imogene has a crush on He's in his twenties and Imogene is in middle school so she knows it's not rational to be jealous But this guy has a new girlfriend and Imogene isn't too happy about that and is a bit of a jerk to the new girlfriend That whole situation well I didn't find that it added much to the story but there it is another location of tension a place for Imogene to grow as it wereIt is at the Ren Faire Imogene meets Anita the new friend who goes to Imogene's school and who is bullied there Their relationship is a bit strange Anita to protect Imogene tells her not to talk to her at school She also warns Imogene about the popular girls that they can be big jerks Imogene doesn't seem to understand why Anita tells her it's not a good idea to talk at school and I found that her apparent lack of understanding of Anita's warning and motives for that warning didn't make sense to me in the context of the story When Imogene finds herself making fun of Anita to get laughs from the mean girls she gets caught in a way that seems to me a very typical trope for this kind of story But alas it happens Imogene's so called friends share her personal notebook of caricatures Imogene becomes a complete outcast at school and at home for a bit too She takes some of her frustration out on her brother and is responsible for the loss of his beloved stuffed animal Everyone in her family stops talking to her I think It's hard for me to understand her parents' handling of all this and the drama is a bit over done But all in all I enjoyed the story and though there were a lot of wonderful moments and characters I keep going back and forth between a 3 and a 4 on this one Decided on a four because there is a girl protagonist and she is training to be a suire and there are Ren Faire sword fights and stuff

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MOBI ´ DOC All's Faire in Middle School 9780525429982 FREE ✓ GWAIRSOFT » [KINDLE] ❃ All's Faire in Middle School ❧ Victoria Jamieson – The author of Roller Girl is back with a graphic novel about starting middle school surviving your embarrassing family and thIn Middle MOBI #243 The author of Roller Girl is back with a graphic novel about starting middle school surviving your embarrassing family and the Renaissance Faire Eleven year old Imogene Impy has grown up with two parents working at the Renaissance Faire and she's eager to begin her own training as All's Faire P A new graphic novel by the author of ROLLER GIRL How happy I was to receive this book in the mail ROLLER GIRL was emotional realistic and engrossing I couldn’t put it down ALL’S FAIRE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL is very different For starters it’s about a girl whose parents work at a faire The renaissance faire is uite an important element so if like me you never think about faires and never really were uite that interested in them it will not impress youTo be honest I think this is a fair book I liked how Victoria Jamieson tried to tell her readers that one must be careful to make the right friends for us not the most popular ones The bullying and mean girl cliue was a déjà vu for me and probably for you though the way Impy dealt with her situation was very realistic in this book as well It’s just that if you take the faire element away you’ll realize this middle grade graphic novel about a girl starting middle school is like a thousand other ones Actually there’s this one I read recently from Shannon Hale—REAL FRIENDS—about a girl having trouble making friends I recommend it wholeheartedly Some potential and some fun faire scenes but I know Victoria Jamieson can do much better and much original without going into the unlikely to happen Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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DFEPUBa suire First though she'll need to prove her bravery Luckily Impy has just the uest in mind she'll go to public school after a life of being homeschooled But it's not easy to act like a noble knight in training in middle school Impy falls in with a Faire in Middle Epub #223 group of girls who seem really ni I mean if you like me had the initial reaction of Hey A colorful and whimsical graphic novel about a middle school girl’s coming of age while she and her family work at a Renaissance Faire for a living That sounds intriguing then yes of course you are correct and you should definitely read this It is very uniueLike many I went for this book based on my love for Roller Girl which is about the best middle grade baby feminist graphic novel possible in my view Everyone will probably like either that book or this book a little bit better but there’s some common ground in things that Jamieson is just really darn good atFirst it goes without saying the detailed and colorful drawings are just such a pleasure to look at It reminds me of an adolescent version of reading the Richard Scarry books as a kid I mean this as the best possible compliment I made my mom crochet me a Lowly Worm like last year in my you know middle adulthood which resides on my dresser Clearly Scarry left an impression And both roller derby and renaissance festival settings clearly provide extremely rich opportunities for fun visual landscapesSecond of course the empowerment aspect of a slightly not fitting in slightly not traditionally gender conforming heroine finding herself This book in particular through cast members of the renaissance fair had lots of good representations of ways to be a strong and complex woman no spoilers but there is a princess and a ueen and a hermit who all reveal unexpected and valuable facets of their characterAlso I really really appreciate that the young heroines in both this book and Roller Girl reside in households that are financially struggling to make ends uite meet and that this is integral to the plot It reminds me of reading Beverly Cleary books when I was young and feeling comforted that the parents in those books were like parents all around me trying to find work or taking courses to get a better job always counting pennies and elaborately strategizing to pay bills and dining out on burgers was a huge family treatthis was very validating and normalizing to someone growing up during a big recession But then all this resourcefulness lends itself to opportunities in creativity and nonconformity The heroines of Jamieson’s novels are like little versions of the Molly Ringwald character in Pretty in Pink forging metaphorical prom dresses of their own out of what life has given them and the best their parents can do then going to the dance to show the world “you didn’t break me” Only you know instead of going to some shitty high school dance as a proving ground and wearing a pink dress they are going to a roller racetrack or sword fighting academy dressed accordingly and testing their mettle there I should add here that both of these books contain excellent depictions of the value of sticking towith something even when it really really really sucks and that sometimes there is no way out but throughLast I just love Jamieson’s very realistic to the point of being borderline unlikeable or at least irritating at times characters Everyone protagonists and supporting characters alike is perfectly imperfect in surprising ways People can do something frustrating or cringeworthy or infuriating or let you down then come through for you or display hella admirable characteristics or aspects of their character and not just in the usual expected manner or redemption arc seuence as could often be found especially in kids’ books They act you know like real people do we are often all over the place and sporadic batshit craziness is well within the realm of everyone’s potential I think such nuanced characterizations are rare even in adult booksSpecial shout out to the author’s honest depiction of imperfect not abusive but imperfect parents in both books parenting is super hard with no magical knowledge conveyed along with childbirth and it’s a process of discovery and it’s rare we get to see depictions of parents who are honestly trying to figure stuff out struggling doing their best maybe doing not so great at times but ultimately doing the hard work of trying to do “good enough” parenting with the best of intentionality and care Super kudos for showing this with a single mom in Roller Girl but I enjoyed the parents’ dynamic in this one too