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Download The Tombs Book ↠ 448 pages ↠ Deborah schaumberg ✓ [PDF] ✅ The Tombs By Deborah Schaumberg – Gangs of New York meets Cassandra Clare in this debut YA fantasy set in 1882 BrooklynNew York 1882 A dark forbidding city and no place for a girl with unexplainable powersSixteen S couldn’t Avery denies the signs in herself focusing instead on her shifts at the ironworks factory and keeping her inventor father out of trouble Other than secondhand tales of adventure from her best friend Khan an ex slave and caring for her falcon Seraphine Avery spends her days struggling to surviveLike her mother’s Avery’s powers refuse to be contained Whe this was legitimately the worst book I’ve read all year lmao

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N she causes a bizarre explosion at the factory she has no choice but to run from her lies straight into the darkest corners of the city Avery must embrace her abilities and learn to wield their power or join her mother in the cavernous horrors of the Tombs And the Tombs has secrets of its own strange experiments are being performed on “patients”and no one knows wh Originally Posted On The Sassy Book Geek Huge thank you to HarperTeen for approving me for this eARC in exchange for an honest review I have to say I’m a little confused about my feelings for this book because it started out excellent and then for some reason dragged at the end and the story got really jumbled up I think it had a lot of potential but that ending just made everything fall really flat for meWhat I Liked Avery Kohl our main character is a fantastic protagonist She’s very loyal kind and doesn’t like to stick to the 1880’s views on women and race Avery is a welder and honestly it’s pretty badass because the work is hard she’s looked down on for being female and in this position but toughs it out and she does it all to help provide for herself and her father She also watches over the other boys in her crew and is very protective of them it’s adorable The setting of this book is extremely uniue as it’s set during the Second Industrial Revolution in 1880’s New York I don’t know about you guys but that’s not exactly a setting I see very often especially in YA From what little I know about this time period I still thought Schaumberg did an excellent job with this setting I also really enjoyed the paranormalpsychic bits of the story the powers that Avery has are interesting and some other characters possessed powers as well However I felt like the powers could have been explored a lot and it would have made things a lot interesting The side characters were really great and had their own uniue personalities sometimes they just don’t get enough development but these characters had it There were a few characters that really endeared themselves to me Avery also has a pet falcon named Seraphine it’s awesome The pacing at the beginning of the book is very fast and I was pulled in right from the start the story was intriguing and I wanted to know what was going on with Avery’s powers There is some romance present in this book and I love that it didn’t take over the plot I did like the love interests overall as well and could easily see why Avery liked them both It was nice that no one ever had a big spat over who was going to end up with who though Diversity We have African American characters Romany characters and an Italian character Of course there were others as well and I liked that we were shown what a “melting pot” New York City is I also really liked that the racism shown towards characters is challenged especially considering the time period the book is set in Avery and her father both actively disregard the public’s views of other races and are close friends with different people of color The cover is gorgeousWhat I Didn’t Like Half way through the story the pacing slows down significantly and really starts to drag I ended up skimming a bit right at the ending because I just wanted it to be over The overall plot made sense from the start but as with the pacing it just got really messy and confusing towards the end I can’t even really tell you what the heck was happening by the end The beginning was strong but the end not so much The main antagonist was incredibly cheesy we are talking classic mustache twirling villain I had a hard time taking him seriously at all let alone as a threat And his “grand scheme” was laughably terrible There’s a love triangle and while I liked both love interests what was the point? Especially the second love interest He came out of nowhere I felt like As I already kind of mentioned I wish everyone’s “powers” were explained and explored a lot For such an important part of the story I felt it was barely presentNormally I’d say if the “liked” bits outweigh the “not liked” bits then I enjoyed the book but here it’s just not the case I enjoyed myself at the beginning of the book but by the end I was so bored and confused that I just can’t give this book a better rating It was too much of a mess by the end

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The TombsGangs of New York meets Cassandra Clare in this debut YA fantasy set in 1882 BrooklynNew York 1882 A dark forbidding city and no place for a girl with unexplainable powersSixteen year old Avery Kohl pines for the life she had before her mother was taken She fears the mysterious men in crow masks who locked her mother in the Tombs asylum for being able to see what other Sixteen year old Avery Kohl has been working as a welder in an ironworks factory ever since her mother was locked in the Tombs asylum and she and her father had to flee their respectable middle class life The skills Avery has developed in creating perfect metal connections are only appropriate as she discovers that she has powers that let her see the connections between lives and help heal other people’s auras But in New York City in the throes of the Industrial Revolution such powers are dangerous and there are plenty of greedy men who want to use Avery’s powers for their own gain – just as they have been using her mother’s When Avery’s burgeoning powers attract attention from the mysterious men in crow masks who drag people off to the Tombs she has to go into hiding with her mother’s Romany friends She hatches a desperate plan to free her motheronly to find that the greedy industrialists are getting ready to unleash an awful plan on New York City one that threatens the lives of every worker in every plant and factory And Avery and her friends may be the only ones who can stop it Filled with intrigue adventure romance and all the cool steampunk flourishes a reader could ask for Schaumberg’s debut melds history and fantasy to create an absorbing world just beyond the knownI received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review