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FREE READER Ð DOC The Dark Tower Ù GWAIRSOFT Æ [KINDLE] ✽ The Dark Tower Author Stephen King – Kings wichtigstes Werk findet seinen krönenden AbschlussDer neue große Roman von Stephen King ist gleichzeitig das grandiose Finale seines Zyklus um den Dunklen Turm Sein Held Roland der Revolverman KinInd am Ende eines langen Weges angekommenÜber dreißig Jahre hat Stephen King an seinem Opus magnum im Geiste und auf Papier gefeilt und geschrieben Nun steht sein Held der Revolvermann Roland vor dem „Dunklen Turm“ wo Finishing this book is like ending a relationship you don't want to be over but is was certainly a relationship that needed ending You will be frustrated angry and WANTING MORE LIKE A DAMN DRUG Stephen King is the master of mind fcking his readers Rarely has he done it so well as here Full Review Here

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Seine Suche endet Mit The Dark MOBI #234 „Der Turm“ liefert Stephen King das große Finale eines Romanzyklus der schon jetzt als moderner Klassiker gilt und in einem Atemzug mit „Der Herr der Ringe“ genannt werden mu Learned a valuable lesson with this booknever recommend a series to friends until it is finished I am one of Stephen King's 'constant readers' Usually I am a big fan and I've bought enough of his expensive hardcovers over the years that I'm perfectly comfortable throwing in my two cents about the dreadful way he ended The Dark TowerI'm applying that two stars rating to the last three books of the series Wolves of the Calla Song Of Susannah UGH and this The Dark Tower They all seem to have been written in a rush after King's brush with mortality when he was hit by that van What a waste of all the great material he had to work with If I was rating the first four books my review would have been five stars UnfortunatelyHated the way the vast world of the gunslinger kept getting smaller with constant trips back to good old New York to dabble in real estate and investing in Microsoft Real friggin' epic Oh and ANOTHER personality for SusannahAll the metafiction King attempted by writing himself into the story falls flat and I think breaks the contract he made with readers in earlier books to play it straight with us and deliver something majestic All the lame Harry Potter references begs for comparisons between this series and Rowling's which just wrapped up I hope King read Deathly Hollows and saw the way a writer can end their story with a satisfying bang instead of this muddled poorly plotted disappointmentI could go on and on but it is getting lateGotta say though I'm surprised by all the five star ratings

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The Dark TowerKings wichtigstes Werk findet seinen krönenden AbschlussDer neue große Roman von Stephen King ist gleichzeitig das grandiose Finale seines Zyklus um den Dunklen Turm Sein Held Roland der Revolvermann und seine Gefährten s sniff Oh you surprised me Is it time for the review Just a second What Crying Me Don’t be ridiculous I was just uhchopping some onionsand I’ve got a coldthen somebody broke into my kitchen and pepper sprayed meI certainly wouldn’t be shedding a few manly tears over a Stephen King novel would I Oh fine You spend almost twenty years reading this series and tell me you got through the conclusion without a lump in your throat Liar Roland and his posse of gunslingers have to wrap up their business on Earth so they can get back to Mid World In our world they’ll have to safeguard the rose in New York by founding a corporation dedicated to its protection some of them will have to battle a very nasty nest of vampires and low men and Susannah has to give birth to something that is supposed to be the end of all of them The ones who can make it back to Mid World will have to launch a desperate attack against overwhelming odds to stop the Crimson King’s breakers from destroying one of the last Beams holding the Tower and all of reality in place and if they survive that there’s a Very Important Person who still needs saving The Dark Tower series was written in fits and starts by King from the time he was in college to wrapping up the whole thing in a three book burst following his close encounter with a minivan He didn’t always know where it was going he littered many of his other books with DT tie in stories and he famously claimed for years not to know how it would end So the series as whole isn’t the most tightly plotted thing you’ll ever read and at the end King focused on delivering on the emotional journey rather than trying to wrap up every loose end he had hanging out thereHe chose wiselyI consider this King’s flawed masterpiece Some have focused on the ‘flawed’ part of that I decided to dwell on the ‘masterpiece’ side of the euation I’ll go a little in depth on that in this spoiler section but for any newbies not reading that I’ll just say that all the years waiting between books turned out to be worth itview spoilerThe FlawsThe biggest let down to me in this was that the whole Modred thing was so anti climatic His birth was a huge focus in the final three books yet in the end all he managed to do was send poor Oy to a grisly death In fact there’s precious little satisfaction to be found in any the endings of the major villains Modred was dying of food poisoning anyhow Oy spoils his attack and Roland dispatches him with ease The Crimson King is just crazy old man on a balcony throwing bombs around and he gets taken out by a pencil eraser wielded by a kid with no tongue Maybe worst of all was the ending of Randall Flagg aka Walter aka Martin This one was especially galling because not only had he been Roland’s nemesis he’d been a boogeyman in King’s books for years Yet he gets eaten by Modred the baby That suckedI’m still not sure about King writing himself into the story either I don’t think he did it out of ego because he made himself look pretty awful overall but at some point after his accident I think he couldn’t separate what he’d gone through from the story it inspired him to finally finish It didn’t ruin the series for me but I kind of wish he’d come up with something else Having gotten that out of my system let’s proceed toThe MasterpieceI loved the whole concept of the Tet Corporation and I continue to hope that someday King will give us a book detailing its war against N Central Positronics and Sombra I could have read several chapters regarding that piece The character deaths were incredibly well done and still painful the third time through this We’ve known since Roland let Jake fall into the abyss in The Gunslinger that this uest to find the Dark Tower would cost Roland dearly but I was not prepared for how high the price turned out to be Which brings us to my favorite part the ending The idea that Roland has been stuck in an endless cycle of climbing the Tower only to find himself back at the beginning of the series seems kind of obvious in retrospect but caught me completely by surprise As King noted in the afterword it’s not a happy ending but it’s the right ending I agree with that Roland’s ultimate damanation wasn’t that he sacrificed his friends to get to the Tower it’s that he risked the Tower again by pressing on to satisfy his own obsession to see it after it had already been saved that puts him in his own personal hellI also like how that sneaky bastard King made us all complicit with Roland’s fate By offering us the chance to opt out and leave the book knowing that Roland reached the Tower and that Susannah was reunited with Eddie and Jake in another version of New York King made us all Roland by proxy We couldn’t resist We had to know what was in the Tower And when we find out we all share Roland’s fate of going back to the beginning hide spoiler