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Doc ✓ Unlike a Virgin ☆ Lucy-Anne Holmes Ves et une voix de sirène ui devrait bientôt résonner hors de Unlike a MOBI #234 sa salle de bains Entre Bridget Jones et Coup de foudre à Notting Hill le meilleur des comédies romantiues à l'anglaise un vrai remède antiblue It's always difficult to enjoy a story if you just can't relate to the main character and her decisions And if you add a bunch of too cringe bad luck awkward situations to this unsympathetic main character the story gets even betterAnd THEN if you add too much 'input' into this story so much that the story itself struggles to keep up with what's happening it gets even better better A masterpiece There were some turns and events happening during the story that came out of nowhere without any indications or just poor previous development in that direction So I often wondered why I'm still reading on I guess there were some okay aspects about it that made it overall still tolerable

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Epub ↠ Unlike a Virgin 408 pages  Gwairsoft ☆ [KINDLE] ❅ Unlike a Virgin Author Lucy-Anne Holmes – Gwairsoft.co.uk Gracie Flowers a tout pour plaire Un mètre soixante de charme d'humour et de tendresse Rien ne lui résiste Avec sa gouaille et son coeur tendre elle ferait fondre un iceberg Enfin jusu'au jour Gracie Flowers a tout pour plaire Un mètre soixante de charme d'humour et de tendresse Rien ne lui résiste Avec sa gouaille et son coeur tendre elle ferait fondre un iceberg Enfin jusu'au jour où le job u'elle voulait lui passe The title and tagline of Unlike a Virgin attracted me to it and from the beginning I loved Gracie Flowers and her worldWhat I didn't love were the unnecessary pregnancy storyline and the cliched love interest turns sour plotline of Posh BoyI also hated the ending Gracie ending up with Anton smacks of Daddy issues and I loathe the idea of 'Britain Sings Its Heart Out' an absolutely terrible title for an X FactorBritain's Got Talent style showThe plot had so much potential but the author strayed too far into boring plot contrivances and lost her way

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Unlike a VirginSous le nez son indéboulonnable petit ami la largue du jour au lendemain sa mère est menacée d'expulsion Ce jour là Gracie Flowers se déchaîne pour s'en sortir avec les honneurs car elle a surtout un sacré caractère des rê Lucy Anne Holmes before the publication of Unlike A Virgin is the author of two previous novels They both feature the same character although I haven’t read either of them although I will be now But I really really liked the sound of Lucy Anne’s new novel Unlike A Virgin the title alone had me hooked and when I saw the cover I fell even in love I was thrilled to receive an early copy of the novel to read and since my proof copy proclaimed Lucy Anne is the “UK’s funniest rom com writer” I was guaranteed a light novel that would have me in stitches Right Um as the case may be that’s not right However I still thoroughly enjoyed the novelUnlike A Virgin is not the read I expected it to be The title the cover and the synopsis made me think that the novel was going to be light and fluffy and all about Gracie finding love That’s so wrong it’s almost laughable I actually think it’s a disservice to the novel that it’s being marketed with a cover Sophie Kinsella would be proud off making everyone think it’ll be laugh a minute because it’s not From what I gather Lucy Anne’s two previous novels are hilarious but Unlike A Virgin isn’t I didn’t laugh once and my sense of humour is fairly juvenile I have to admit There are some light moments during the novel but often than not it’s actually a bit darker than I expected it to be and for me it was all the better because of it What my wonderful proof copy does get right is that Gracie’s story could very much rival those featured on the X FactorDespite being thrown off balance by the pesky beautiful cover I did very much like the book I found it to be incredibly readable and not once did I find myself getting bored I’m not necessarily sure what the main plot of the novel was as there were many featured throughout the novel from Gracie’s disappointment that her 5 year plan has fallen apart after some Posh idiot steals her job to her mother planning to sell her father’s burial plot so developers can er develop it into a road The romance in the novel is very much a backseat story as Gracie focuses on making her life what she wants it to be as she tries to figure out what she wants it to be to be precise There were loads of touching scenes during the novel I particularly loved the fact that Gracie regularly visits her father’s grave to chat to him their closeness is apparent even though he passed away a decade ago I also loved Gracie’s job she’s an estate agent a nice one and I loved seeing her at work talk about a good estate agentI found all of the characters to be very enchanting Gracie is the narrator of the novel and works it beautifully I loved her confidence as an estate agent felt sympathy for her when she found she didn’t want to sing any and enjoyed her chats with her dad at the graveyard She’s an incredibly warm character and I loved her immediately She’s everything a main character should be I loved her supporting cast too Her mum is a bit of a cold fish but I liked the Gracie persevered with her and made a plan to help her out when she was in need Her mum does come out of her shell though as the novel progresses and I could definitely understand why she was house bound Gracie’s best friend Wendy is the best friend everyone wants I thought she was a really great mate The only character I didn’t particularly take to was Dan Gracie’s ex boyfriend he’s in about 100 or so pages but I never actually felt anything towards him He never really came out of his shell so when he eventually upped and left I wasn’t disappointed I did wonder where who Gracie was going to be falling in love with particularly as the book’s strapline is “Is Gracie in love for the very first time” and I’m still a bit puzzled as to who that was in reference toUnlike A Virgin wasn’t in any way what I was expecting particularly since it was way serious and I was shocked to find it to be a bit darker than I expected However it was still a brilliant read and I very much enjoyed Gracie’s story as she finds her way in life It seemed that we witnessed Gracie fully merge into an adult whilst I read the novel and I loved being there with her to see it There were many touching moments to the novel and although it wasn’t perfect it’s made me go out and buy Lucy Anne Holmes’s previous two novels I can see why she’s such a well liked author and though people will be disappointed that this novel isn’t particularly funny it’s good in other different ways and her fans will lap it up I did I’m thrilled Lucy Anne is going to be a book a year author and I look forward to catching up with her previous novels and eagerly awaiting her next release She’s a great writer and easily manages to get us into Gracie’s head and see what makes her tick The ending was probably a bit rushed for me and I wasn’t a fan of the sudden switch to third person for those last 10 pages and it does leave it open for a potential seuel if Lucy Anne ever wanted to go down that route I would definitely recommend the novel it was really great