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Confessions of a Misfit EntrepreneurWhile most small business owners network before breakfast and hustle 247 Kate Toon took a different approachShe built her business empire from her back garden shed while wearing pyjamas watching Netflix and eating crispsKate isn’t your stereotypical entrepreneur But she As someone cynical about get rich schemes not so much because I don't believe you can't get rich uick but because I uestion whether it gives you a sense of happiness if you do Kate Toon's offering Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur is refreshing in its honestyKate's self deprecating openness about building her own business is hard to stop reading in fact you won't be able to put it down Here are the reasons I loved it and it is not just about the wordsthe cover is a beautiful matte finish classythe typeset is clear to readthe chapters are logically structuredthe design is beautifulmany entrepreneurial 'givens' are uestioned and deconstructedintelligently written words with no spelling errors to annoy mewonderfully clever analogiespoints to mull over at the end of chapters and then homework I love interacting with the information I've just read to put it into my context and most importantly Kate is hilariousI really connected with Kate's search for and acceptance of her super powers and super challenges Having done this she wasis able to cater to her customers in a much honest take it or leave it way But she took this one step further I spent a lot of time accepting my limitations a few of which I've covered in this book but it wasn't until I started ignoring them completely that I really ramped up my business p 115 This is GOLDThe other aspect I loved was that she has really taken that old adage If you can't beat them join them and re written it Why even try to beat them when you are one of them Business in the world of competitive patriarchy looks pretty ruthless and I don't believe it needs to be so By accepting vulnerability and connecting with people perhaps we can find a different way to do business Kate is an inspiration to women who don't find pleasure or comfort in 'beating' people and have an in built belief that there is room for all of usAffirming and innovative Kate Toon's book celebrates the best parts of being a misfitLooking forward to her next book

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mobi ☆ Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur ñ Paperback Read ñ Kate Toon á [Epub] ➞ Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur By Kate Toon – While most small business owners network before breakfast and hustle 247 Kate Toon took a different approachShe built hCreated not one but three highly successful businesses without any master plan rich investors or input from smarmy sales gurusIn Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur Kate shares how she went from business nobody to business success Packed with tips hints stories and stra This book answers all those uestions you were afraid to ask about running your own business plus a few you didn't know you needed to ask all with a uniue blend of brutal honesty and natural humour Being a copywriter I expected to enjoy Kate Toon's writing style I did not expect to be laughing out loud nodding my head in agreement and wondering if Toon had been secretly surveying me She has a way of stripping back all the bluff and getting right to the heart of what its really like to run your own business The structure means that you can either read it i one sitting dip in and out as you find the time or jump right to the chapter addressing your most pressing concern My favourite chapters include The rocky bottom; Understanding your superpowers; Ooh look sparkly thing; and The real job wobbles I recommend this book to anyone who is running their own business thinking about launching their own business or trying to figure out how to support a loved one who has fallen down the Entrepreneurial Rabbithole This book is a go to guide and resource that you will want to keep close at hand

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Tegies it’s a hilarious honest and non fluffy guide to being the kind of entrepreneur YOU want to beSo if you’re sick of trying to do ALL THE THINGS optimising the crap out of everything and wasting money on expensive six figure business schemes this is the book for y Wow If you've ever thought you were alone as a wannabe business person or entrepreneur who didn't uite fit the mould Kate Toon is here to tell you different She's been there and unlike most of the entrepreneurial gurus she can admit to working her arse off being a bit too emotional and never having written a business plan in her life And goddamn it she made me laugh so hard a little bit of wee came outConsider this a book of unruly rules for misfits in business with how to's on befriending your competitors how to embrace your face your appearance not an awkward tantric move and dancing to the beat of your own business drumStarting a business? Read itThought briefly once about starting a business? Read itCouldn't give 2 hoots about business and love to laugh? Read itBooked in a networking event you want to skive out of? Stay in the car and read this insteadThanks Kate Toon