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A mere fourteen years old strong willed Maria is betrothed to Richard Theirs is a marriage of conflic I've read this book over many times I originally had a paperback that fell into two pieces which I kept together by means of a large rubber band Finally found another pbk copy in a used book store and then a hardcover which I'd never seen before on ebayMaria is a great protagonist a woman in medieval times learning how to use what power she has The story starts when she is 14 and her father wants to marry her off in order to cement his power in his small holding Her relationship with the husband he chooses is at the heart of the story but it is about Maria her woman's perspective and how she uses her strength to get what she wants Holland doesn't forget that Maria is a woman with a woman's life she just does a great job of painting a picture of an extraordinary ordinary woman

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Great MariaT yet one that grows over the years into respect and partnership As they struggle at times against ea Whew This Maria history takes the meaning of the word stubborn to a whole new level of intensity Couple that adjective with numerous other categories of strident manipulative cunning cruel or forceful But all are warrior action related in performance And seat them all within a 14 year old horse riding and field wandering virgin girl Maria of the 11th century medieval NormanMuslimGerman SicilyIt's prose point to length and narration are markedly different than much of this historical fiction genre for the last 30 or 40 years Here with Holland it is progressive chronological event related and physically it is movement by movement sparse sentencing for character placements And this is for decades of years after the opening innocent 14 year old's shrine visitation introduction And also for dozens of major and probably than 100 minor characters The name of the game is survival first and defense second With prosperity a far third This book takes patience The complexity of both the myriads of alliances and subterfuges so considerable that putting a number on them would take a master Not I When constant invasion and religious strife reign for century after century the enemy is everyone And speaking in explanation to purpose or future movementsmotives is a common habit for only the most stupid and earliest dead The meaning of we changes contextually and continually as well Because this is Sicily It's hard stony land with fiery peaks and it's also fruit trees and grass Sparsely settled with farm holds under ever changing physical cultural economic and sometimes religious invasion It's luxuriant color bright beauty coupled also within the most bestial and unforgiving of permissions Maria's guile and arrogance of action her choices and her outcomes? As the land; much the same kind of extreme oppositional contrasts and karma She is a robber baron's daughter He keeps his mortared castle in profit with knightly defense by robbing pilgrims or wayfarers going to ports for trade This father fixes her with a husband for an alliance He is Richard Richard is cruel he beats her he does not believe in God at all She builds a shrine she starts her revenge This is also the Richard who befriends and has a compatriot of the Muslim component in their town It is their decades of tale toward a Marna nobility and united governance Many modern readers might abhor the pace and the prose style It is every moment in physical action described Every horse stride and mounting inclusive to every page or ostler uip detailed The conversation and the narration of thought pattern is in minuscule percentage of the whole length as opposed to the physical movement description word count This is nearly the opposite in proportion for the current modern historical fiction trend Yet it fits Sicily and it fits Maria's time perfectly Few brusue words spoken but underpinnings of meanings concur within every finger movementWhat you hear is not always what is happening The enemy is outside inside and beside A most loved the most destroyed A most honored the most slated for vindictive cabal There are numerous uotable paragraphs And an incredible vivre of wit for both Maria and Richard It is a culture where polar opposites can occur within mere minutes of each other Not just in emotion but also in hierarchy comfort or health Here we see violence from birth A baby used as a shield A loving friend placed as a decoy Walls that hide slants to listen or peep holes to see But always in towers that go up to shelter and sight for defense And always horses and knights to insure uick response to placement And when you may succeed to sup here comes the Pope's envoy to be your friend Masterfully told in the cadence and spirit of medieval worldvie

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Great Maria doc Í Paperback ´ cecelia holland ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Great Maria ✈ Cecelia Holland – A mere fourteen years old strong willed Maria is betrothed to Richard Theirs is a marriage of conflict yet one that grows over the years into respect and partnership As they struggle at times agaiCh other at times side by side Maria and Richard emerge as full blooded characters you'll never forge At the risk of admitting that I am the sort of person who is pleasantly surprised to discover water is wet despite going for a swim once every week or so it is gratifying to discover once how unromantic a romantic historical novel can be Great Maria of all of Cecelia Hollands' novels I've read this far is certainly the most romantic of her books Love and the relationship between a man and a woman plays a central role and it's the first of her books to feature a female protagonist It is also incidentally twice as long as everything else I've read by herBeing a Holland novel no one gets off lightly Maria's life is charted from her prepubescent innocence to her wily middle age The daughter of a powerful Norman robber knight in southern Italy in the early 11th century she is married off to one of his ambitious men Richard despite her own preference for Richard's younger brother Roger When her father decides that Richard is getting a bit too big for his britches his plan to kill him fails and Richard takes ownership of his castle and lands Richard's ambitions are to rise above the role of thief and he sets out to carve out his own place in the worldMaria never uestions her subservient role in this world She doesn't long to be a knight or agitate for voting rights or rail against the closed medieval mind Hers is a medieval mind When her husband beats her she doesn't like it or even love him for it but she has to accept there's nothing she can do about it and her fate is tied to his Gradually she comes into her own prescribed female role often bringing Richard's violent wrath down on herself sometimes because she is foolish sometimes because she is clever always because she is headstrong Risking his temper is a thing she is prepared to do to get her way Nonetheless he grows to rely on her and her attraction to him is as much physical as it is anything elseShe has babies not all of whom survive and they grow and Richard extends his conuests and his power and there is danger and intrigues and violence and tempestuous scenes and passionate stuff and eavesdropping and betrayals all told in Hollands crisp plain practical style that makes no apologies for characters that are compelling and multi faceted and sympathetic even with their monstrous faults such as domestic abuse and murder