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Affiliations Aliens Other Profitable Pursuits Claimings #3 Book º 171 pages Download Ì Lyn gala Ç ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Affiliations Aliens Other Profitable Pursuits Claimings #3 Author Lyn Gala – A desire for status has brought Ondry andA desire for status has brought Ondry and Liam to a human world to trade but dealing with humans has brought up all the old pain in Liam’s heart Even though Ondry would do anything to protect his beloved palteia he doesn’t know how to protect Liam from himself Worse Ondry isn’t sure 100% thisIt's difficult for me to write this because I've never written a proper review of this series But I think it's about time to say that my heart is a victim of acute inflammation every time I read something about this couple Why is that?1 HEATThey are not sexually compatible Ondry considers it unproductive procreation But It Is So HOT There are not many scenes but the few we get to see are than enough to rise the temperature several degrees But it's not to kill some bugs it's just action reaction Impossible not to be affected by the closeness of this two in their nest You worry we are not compatible but I know of no joy that euals this 2 REDNESSOndry's innocence What are those human doing? Erggg they are kissing Why not try that? OH YEAH There is a KISS Finally I must admit I wanted this moment than anything in the series And there is not only one but lots Apparently Ondry likes kissing too Ondry has found human fora Stupid face plastered on my face What are they doing? Ondry asked as he watched a pair of humans press their faces together oddlyUm kissing Two individuals press their lips together Humans have a lot of nerve endings in their lips so that's sensitive skin It's a ritual to show affectionIs this a ritual I should use with you to show my fondness? Ondry asked 3 SWELLINGMy heart boomed constantly The heart warming tenderness the complete devotion the unconditional dedication These two gave me shivers with every touch and interaction They are made for each other and this sounds lame but in this book you can almost touch it Their full understanding is not achieved yet because of cultural and social obstacles but the gap is becoming increasingly insignificant The differences make their days interesting as there is always something to talk about grammar Rownt status human politics psychology It all gives depth and credence to the story There is not a wasted moment every second is precious Maybe Ondry had been a terror when he was forty but he was pretty perfect now 4 PAINHuman life span is so short I wonder if they will be able to modify Liam's genetics somehow Because I can't stand the thought of them apart I don't think Ondry will have the will to go on In this book they talk about how some Rownt decide to let themselves die And I'm not naive nor blind to see that would be the reasonable outcome for him So I hope and pray and dance for the gods that things won't come down to this Ondry says adamantly that he will not lose Liam And I believe him because the alternative is unbearable Also Liam's pain causes Ondry pain and he doesn't know what to do to erase it Non physical dangers drive Ondry to despair because there is no way to protect Liam from himself and his past and his feelings This is so touching I wanted to hug him forever not that he would ever let me I will not lose you The story scrolls say only a palteia can defy the laws of the gods with impunity for even the gods would hesitate to stand between a palteia and his chosen chilta They fail to say the same is true of a chilta I will defy the gods on this matter 5 LOSS OF FUNCTIONHere is when I die from an overdose of satisfaction How is it possible to keep me on the edge of the seat from beginning to end? Well I was so much time on that edge I fell to the well and never got to touch the bottom These two make me fall hard These two honestly short circuited my neurons and left them useless Because now I can only think about them and real life be damned Ilsil on me Better before going to sleep Never if you have a life Because the conseuences are disastrous I'm jumping on clouds ever since And after a while of having someone put me at the center of his universe I pretty much feel the same about him The sentiment is mutual“To excel and to know how to show it is to excel twice” Baltasar GraciánBravo Lyn GalaIs there going to be a book#4? The ending is open and promises future installments

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How to shield Liam from the shifting politics on the Rownt ship where the Calti Grandmothers are nothing like the ones they left behind on the planetWith everything in their lives changing Ondry and Liam have only each other If Ondry can’t find a way to defend Liam from the ghosts of the her liam and ondry 3 was goodhim i read both seuels back to back and they made me crazy an endless series of conversations and next to nothing happens anywhere together the books were like 500 pages of people explaining things to one another—but i bet all anyone will remember is the tail sexher ah well not all but—him oblivious sometimes the text would explain something about ondry in liam POV and then ondry would do something in that vein in the next scene to illustrate it which just happened to be in front of a grandmother and then ondry would explain it to the grandmother in relation to liam and the grandmother would turn to liam and demand he explain it to her in relation to humans and he would and then they would all exchange curious looks and swan away to their respective uarters and then ondry and liam would explain it all over again to one another in their nest and then have tailsex and then someone would crack an obscure grammar jokeher changes subject

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Affiliations Aliens Other Profitable Pursuits Claimings #3Past and overcome the impossibly short life span of a human their small family might be over long before either of them is ready to let go Ondry has always been a dominant and possessive Rownt and with Liam in danger those traits are necessary as he challenges the world to protect his lov Reread April 2020 listened to the audiobook for the first time Definitely enjoying John Solo as Ondry nowOctober 2017 such lovliness I desperately need the fourth bookReviewHow wonderful was that?? I'm just so happy right now This was slow paced than the others as in there was no heart thumping drama or situations these two had to navigate it was just Liam understanding his place with humans and the Rownt and Ondry being protective and lovely he was not always the biggest fan of the humans Ondry wondered if any of the officers or Grandmothers would care if he broke one humanHe's makes me big goofy smileWe saw into the human worlds and that included some of Lima's old solider buddies we also had much time with the Grandmothers which was rather excitingObviously it was still super hot tail sex hello?? but sooooo tender I melted a few times throughout reading this bookLiam felt the tentative flicker of Ondry’s tongue against Liam’s lip A little frisson traveled up Liam’s spine and while he was still lost in that feeling Ondry slipped his slick tail inside Liam Ondry had covert lube maneuvers down to an artFavourite uote is probably this one because I love Liam and I love him loving Ondry see so much love for this series“Ondry is always dominant When I get hurt he comes raging in When he can’t fix things he gets aggravated And after a while of having someone put me at the center of his universe I pretty much feel the same about him I would give him anything I mean anything” Liam emphasized the last wordThe ending is definitely open to conintuation no cliff hanger but please please PLEASE continue this story Before Reading